Mindanao Avenue Garden Center: A New Garden Center in Quezon City !!!!

106 Mindanao Avenue, Barangay Talipapa , Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines

Mindanao Avenue Garden Center

It was several months ago (around December 2013) , When i noticed  some plant stalls that have sprung-up along Mindanao Avenue near the Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches -Quezon City .

GVM Lucky Stone

GVM Lucky Stone had 2 branches ( Novaliches and Lagro)

Block 167 lot 23, Commonwealth Avenue Extension, Greater Lagro , Quezon City

Land line : 409-1260

rocks , stones, and garden accessories

Address: Quezon Avenue corner Agham road Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City

Landline: 494-76-38 Telefax : 436-53-28

Cellphone ( 0905-422-6966)

The area used to be a vacant lot being rented out to a trucking company  . I noticed  the beehive of activities started late December 2013 and early January 2014 when i saw some trucks load of plants and gardening materials that were busy unloading their stuffs.

Jack Waterfalls and Garden

Jack Waterfall and Garden specializes in man-made waterfalls and landscaping gardens. They sell concrete pots, indoor fountains, pedestal, koi ponds, grotto, wall fountains .

Landline – 379-63-03


clay pots

When i visited the old Manila Seedling Bank Foundation last December 2013.   Some tenants told me that they they are looking for a place and they are still in negotiation with the lot owner in Mindanao Avenue , where they can relocate their plant and garden stalls.

Mang Victor

Mang Victor is one of the plant stall tenants in Greenhouse # 3  within Manila Seedling Bank compound . He specializes on native plants, orchids and ornamental plants.

Ms. Vangie Go- plant stall

I saw Ms. Vangie Go at her newly re-opened store within the center.  The selling area is smaller than what she used to have at the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation. She is still renovating her new place .

plant stall

The big move happened on the first week of January 2014 when almost all of the tenants were forced to find a place for their plants and gardening supplies . Each plant stall is allotted around 50 to 70 square meters . It is a whole lot less space compared to what they have when they are still at the Manila Seedling Bank compound.

stall selling bonsai

 They are now in the process of making it to a community . Each stall specializes in a particular plants or products .

semi-terete vandas


The combined area is around 3,600 square meters with around 30 stalls owners . Most of them are from Greenhouse #3 in Manila Seedling Bank hence they decided to include it in the signage.

Note: Mindanao Avenue Garden Center is also called ” Garden City ” by some of the tenants .  The 200 plus tenants were relocated in  different garden centers like  Farmers Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon Memorial Circle and Mindanao Avenue with the largest number of stall holders.


110 Responses

  1. It’s nice to know that they’ve relocated somewhere accessible. Great post. Thanks so much for the info. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting this site, I am also writing about the Farmers Market and Quezon Memorial Circle soon.

      • there is no direction as to how to get to your place

      • Hi, Mindanao Avenue Garden Center is not my place and i do not own the place.

        First Where are you coming from?

        There are Jeepney transportation hub located in SM North and Trinoma
        – Mindanao Avenue- C-5 Route , It is just a minimum of Php 8.50 -Try to get -off the Barangay Talipapa

  2. Looking forward to that post. Your site is superb. Thanks!

  3. Hello. I’m really glad to have come across your article.
    I’m not familiar with the place. If im going to commute starting from trinoma. How do i get there?

  4. san po b may mga week end market n may mga tindang halaman at buto ng gulay na pwede itanim sa bakuran?

    • Please try Centris Sunday Market, Taguig FTI weekend market or try to visit Bureau of Plant Industry in San Andres Bukid in Manila or Elliptical Circle in Quezon City ( office hours ) . You may also try Department of Agriculture in Quezon City. They have a small showcase area where they sell quality seeds from reputable agriculture companies.

  5. do you have adenium obesum (calachuchi) seedlings

    • I saw some being sold in one of the stalls at the Mindanao Avenue Garden Center. Try to visit them

  6. Greetings! Im really desperate to know if there is a cactus and succulent garden stall in Mindanao Avenue Garden? I desperately wanna know their contact numbers. Please please. I would appreciate it a lot. Im from Bacolod City, thats why 😦

    • They have plant stall in Cubao -Araneta Center and Quezon Memorial Circle

    • Hello, if you sre from Bacolod, try visiting Guerrero Farms. Contact Mrs. Hazelyn Guerrero. Check on her FB wall. She got lots of what you are looking and am sure she sells them.

  7. Hi! I’ve been meaning to start on own herb garden and found out too late that Manila Seedling Bank was closed. Do you have any alternative recommendations? ..thanks!

    • You can visit the Centris Sunday Market every sunday from 6:00am to past 12nn. There are a handful of plant traders selling cheap locally grown herbs.

      Try Mr. Jason Ong – Mabuhay Orchids and Ornamental Plants

    • Tanong klng po kng meron kaung tindang drafted n carabao manggo at magkanu tnx. Oscar tnx

  8. Do you have marigolds?

  9. Im looking for carnivorous plant, sundew sana., may avail kaya sa garden city? May nabasa kasi ako sa ibang blag na meron sa quezon ave cor edsa, pero nagpunta ako dun, sarado na pala,, tnx 🙂

  10. hello, do you know where can i purchase a madre de cacao plant here in metro manila or nearby provinces? i want to plant & grow it in my garden. thank you

    • Hi, I used to see a lot of them growing in vacant lot in our place

      You can try to ask for cutting in your place. It is common fence plant . It can be propagated via cuttings

  11. Any store addressed at Novaliches??? Thanks..

  12. do they sell hydroponic solution and kits ?

  13. sorry to ask about the direction, am kind a confuse on how to go there, i will be driving coming from nlex. is it along mindanao ave that i could see this thank you very much

    • Yes, the garden center is located just around 2 to 3 kilometer from Mindanao Avenue toll exit.
      There is a signage and near at foot bridge and a barangay hall beside the garden center.

      I think there is a U turn somewhere near the garden center.

  14. by the way is the place near st. charbel executive village? thank you very much

    • Yes, Saint Charbel Executive Village the one near Our Lady of the Annuciation Parish same barangay- Barangay Talipapa .

  15. Do they have alagaw plant, eucalyptus plant and rhapis seeds? Im really trying so hard to find them for my herbarium project. Thank you!

    • HI, i am not aware if they have alagaw plant.

      Please try your local bureau of plant industry in Manila or in Quezon City. They have websites and i think they can refer you some contacts.

      Or please try to visit Centris Sunday market within Eaton Centris Walk – There are plant wholesalers and retailers.

  16. Hi. Do you have an idea where should I find a stawberry seed? I’m confused on where should I start. Thank you. Have a good day.

  17. where can i find the ff. herbs chives,fennel bulb,parsnips,zucchini.
    Thnk you very much

  18. Hi,

    May I know and pls. give me an idea on how much will be the service charge for Landscaping my Garden in the Phils.? Is it by square meter or square foot?

    • Hi, Thanks for visiting this site.

      If you are living within Novaliches ,Fairview and Quezon City area. I can give some rough estimates base on your lot area , plants , garden accessories etc…. It is FREE but depending on my time schedule – I am only available on sundays . You can set an appointment via my email: L_rence_2003@yahoo.com

      I have several questions in mind, BUT without any photos and ocular inspection of your proposed landscape area, I could not give you an estimate.

      Some landscapers charge on a per square meter of lot . It totally depends on several factors , sometimes the more complicated the landscaping job, the higher the price.

  19. Hi! Do you have different variety of Chinese evergreen / aglaonema. Thanks and more power!

    • The author is not into selling of ornamental plants . There are a lot of sellers at the Mindanao Avenue Plant Center ( Talipapa, Novaliches QC) , QC Memorial Circle, Neopolitan Avenue in Fairview, Cartimar Garden Center, Pasay City Araneta Center, Cubao or if you lived near Tabang, Bulacan province- You can try to visit those areas.

      You can also try some ornamental plant wholesalers like Boyet Ganigan ( Cavite) , Alily Galo ( QC Circle ), Monina’s Garden ( QC Circle )

  20. Hello po..nagtitjnda rin po ba kau ng lupa para taniman ng halaman??
    Reply po Asap.salamat..

    • Thanks for visiting this blog, Mindanao Avenue Plant Center stall holders had some garden/ compost soil ( packs ) for sale. I do not know if you are referring to big landscape projects that needed big amount of soil. But you can personally visit them anytime.
      I would like to ask a few question:
      1.) Where do you lived? If you lived near Mindanao Avenue – Then you can pay them a visit, there are over 30 stalls selling a lot of stuffs .
      2.) If you do not live near Mindanao Avenue, then there are a lot of garden centers around Metro Manila like QC circle, Neopolitan Avenue, Fairview, Tandang Sora, Cartimar , Cubao etc….

  21. is garden city on the side of Saint Charbel subd? im coming from congressional & visayas ave? i want to know if we need to u-turn?

  22. I am looking for jacaranda seeds or seedlings. Do you think this is available over there?

  23. do you think they have azalea or rhododendron in mindanao garden center

    • Hello and Thanks for visiting this site.
      I think you need to ask the sellers if they carry these types of plants, most of them are from temperate areas like Baguio , Tagaytay or Silang area.

  24. Hi,do you know if they sell carabao grass at Mindanao avenue garden center?

    • I have seen some carabao grass being sold at Mindanao Avenue Garden Center, They are also available in Fairview Neopolitan area garden outlets.

  25. Hi, do you happen to know if they sell sage plants? Thanks! Nice thread by the way.

  26. Hello!! Are you offering bulk orders of garden soil. Im interested in buying sacks of it for my garden. Can you also include your price for orders per sack? Thank you!

  27. Hello and Good day , Mr.Gerald and Jolo,
    Sage plant is sometime available at the Mindanao Avenue Plant Center or you may try them at Centris Sunday Market within Eaton Centris , It is near MRT Quezon Avenue station. Sometimes due to the high demand of these plants – plant traders / wholesalers would run out of stock. There are herb plant sellers like Mr. Jason Wong from Mabuhay Orchids and Plants APO Wong or Mr. Jason Wong-09176333138 , Email: jpcw13@yahoo.com.ph , You may try visiting QC Circle or Farmers Garden in Cubao, which areas nearest and most convenient to your home.

    Mr. Gerald, The author is not into selling of garden soil, You can try to visit plant garden nearest to your place , It depends on the quality of garden soil or soil mixture that you need.

    Some sellers, sell them by sack – Which i think is quite expensive , Some sells them per truck , but you need to mix them with other soil mixture like coconut choir dust , compost , sand etc.. if you want a better garden soil mixture. Instead of the loamy type of soil which tends to be very compact.

    If you do not have a large space / garden or just planning to use them for potting medium , I think it is better to purchase per sack .

    Here are some of the garden center within Metro Manila:

    Bulacan Garden ( Farmer’s , Cubao ) , Rona’s Garden – Visayas Avenue , Mindanao Avenue Garden Center, Fairview Neopolitan area, White Plains, Cartimar , BF Homes Paranaque , Quezon City Memorial Circle or Tabang/ Guiguinto – Bulacan are some of the places which you can probably some online selling sites like OLX, Facebook.
    Thanks for visiting this site!

  28. Where is the Manila Seedling Bank new garden site?

    • Hello and Thanks for visiting this site.

      Majority of the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation tenants moved to the following areas
      1.) Quezon Memorial Circle – There are between 50 to 80 permanent plant stalls to semi-permanent stalls.
      2.) Cubao-Araneta Center -Some of the tenant including some wholesalers ( cactus and succulents from Benguet ) have moved there. Although there is a plant center there already establish for several decades.
      3.) Mindanao Avenue within Barangay Talipapa near Saint Charbel Subdivision – There are between 25 to 30 plant stall holders from wholesalers to retailers- Ms. Vangie Go , Professor Serapion Metilla had stall in that place.
      4.) Neopolitan – Commonwealth road – Although there had been plant stalls there several decades ago along the main street -near Jordan Plains. There are some plant stall holders which moved there.
      5.) Cedarhills Garden Center- There are 2 to 3 plant stall holders like Waling-Waling by Puentespina which moved there sometime in 2014 .
      6.) EDSA Garden House had stalls within Quezon Memorial Circle and EDSA beside Times street .
      7.) Sidcor-Centris Sunday Market – This is a non-permanent stall, there are wholesalers from Bulacan , Cavite, Batangas and Quezon province who have stalls there.

      Note: Some of the tenants who used to have stalls within Manila Seedling Bank moved to their respective province. There are about 100 to 250 plant tenants. Not everyone can be accommodated by these places.

  29. may quality soil ba sila dito which is non organic? I’m gonna try to use it as dirt for my aquarium and also are they selling cheap price for rocks like tingi, I just wanna do a canvass so that i can prepared my budget. uhm miracle-gro? do they have this brand if not please let me know, soil which is not organic.

    • I suggest to buy per sack for pebbles rather than the small packs- . Not all stalls have organic soil mixture .

      • i mean yung talagang wala pong fertilizer, and meron din po bang potting clay soil yung ginagamit para gumawa ng paso balak ko lang kasi bumili ng around 2 kilos, soil per sack po magkano? if makakapunta ako by sunday what time sila nag operate?

        nahihiya kasi ako pumunta since ilan lang naman bibilhin ko.

        salamat renz.

  30. Good day! I’m interested with varieties of aglaonemas and calachuchi (varigated). where can I find these 2 plants.. thank you..

    • You can try Mindanao Avenue Plant Center, Sidcor-Centris Sunday Market, Cubao-Araneta center , QC Memorial Circle

  31. hi. am interested in the red palm or red sealing wax palm and the bhudda belly bamboo. any ideas where I can find these? thanks for any feedbacks.

  32. Hi. In garden city mindanao ave, are there any succulents and cactus?

  33. Hi. Can you please provide me their contact details? Our company is looking for a tall plant like a Palm or Ficus plant which will be located in the corners of our Reception Area and a small green plant like Rubber or ZZ plant perhaps which will be located in our Reception area as well. Thank you so much. Please reply today this is really urgent. Thanks.

  34. hello! DO you have rose plants for sale? I am looking for peach color and pink color roses. Thank you

  35. hello! Do you have rose plants for sale? I am looking for peach/pink colors of roses. Thanks

  36. Hello. We are looking for Madre de cacao plant. May mga binhi po ba kayo ?

    • Madre de Cacao are common hedge trees plants all over the country . It used to be common shrub in Fairview and Novaliches until few years ago, a few cuttings can be planted during the onset of rainy season

  37. may garden soil po kayo? how much po?

  38. Hi can I buy eucalyptus plant need it for my thesis thanks

  39. Where can I buy eucalyptus plant?

  40. Hi… Do you have basil plant? Yun pong didiligan nlang or plantlet. How much po. Thanks

      NO. 57 Mo. Ignacia Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
      near St. Mary’s College & Capitol Medical Center , They have some basil plants or at Centris Sunday Market- Look for Apo Wong or Mabuhay orchids

  41. Good evening! Meron po ba kayong sako na pinambabalot sa plants na ginagawang souvenirs? Thanks

  42. hello… where i can find a store selling garden soil, and vegetable seeds like tomato, pepper, egg plant and okra???

  43. good evening !! meron po ba kayong balbas pusa (java tea) ??? thank you

  44. hi am happy and found some location looking for different rocks. can u still give other area along quezon city?

  45. Please try White Plains area, Cubao-Farmers , Along EDSA near Munoz -There are wholesale rock sellers per sack .

  46. I am looking for Knife Acacia, similar to an acacia tree but smaller. Would like to plant these beside our house coz it gives a lot of shade. We used to buy it at Manila Seedling Bank.

  47. Good day, cme are you referring to Acacia cultriformis ?

  48. Good afternoon po. Available po ba sa inyo yung laurel (Plumbago rosea)? And kung available po siya, pwede po ba namin siyang maavail sa inyo til month of May? Gagamitin po kasi namin siya for our thesis.

  49. Thank you for this article. Otherwise I’d always wonder where the much loved Manila Seedling Bank is now.

  50. Those plant are expensive in there?

  51. mura lang po mga halaman nila, may 20 pesos per pot, may 25, 30, 35 40 pesos. may 3 for 100 din. jan ako bumibili ng seeds 10 pesos per sachet, tsaka soil mixed with ipa 40 pesos per bag, pag pupunta po kayo jan from trinoma tatawid po kayo sa congressional-mindanao avenue intersection, afetr that tandang sora avenue-mindanao avenue intersection naman makikita nyo po yun may footbridge tapos sa corner ng tandang sora avenue may mcdonalds and 7/11, derecho lng kayo pag nakita nyo na po yung 2nd footbridge lagpas kayo ng konti nasa right side na po sya, pag galing po kayo ng north luzon expressway mindanao avenue daan lang kau sa underpass after nun makikita nyo caltex and petron sa right side,pag nakita nyo na yung footbridge make a u-turn lng makikita nyo na sya 🙂

    • Bok, Thanks for visiting this site. Trinoma/ SM North/ Veternas had jeepney routes going to Mindanao Avenue Garden Center- Hortaleza Beauty Center/ C-5 signage – Fare is just Php 8.00

      Blumentritt -Novaliches – Quirino Highway jeepeney would make a U-turn near this place.

      This place is located beside the Barangay hall and near Our Lady of Annunciation Parish ( OLAP ) . I think the area is within Barangay Talipapa which is part of Novaliches , Quezon City.

  52. hi, may idea po ba kayo kung saan pwede makabili ng garden nettings? For sunshade po. Thanks.

  53. Good afternoon! I am Kristel Mae Diolata a 4th yr BS Biology student from Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila and I am currently doing my undergraduate thesis. I would like to inquire if I can avail organic/non GMO seeds of cauliflower and pechay. If can avail organic seeds what would be their corresponding price. Thank you in advance.

  54. Do you know any shop who sell whole grown malasambung (Buddleja asiatica)?

  55. Hello and Good Day ,

    Update- For garden netting, One can choose from some online sellers – However if you like the black one,which is ideal for orchids and ornamental plants. One can try going to Divisoria or Seamaster located in Paranaque.

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  60. Hi, good evening po! San po kaya pwede may tumatanggap or bumibili ng bulk orders ( 50 min) na mga halaman from Thailand. Balak ko po sana mag alok. Thanks po in advance.

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  66. Hi do you sell caravao grass?

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