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  1. We at Crafter’s Joy Cornhusk Handicraft would like to have the opportunity to describe and present our local products. It not only provides cost effective, eco-friendly but also help our prospective client, maintain the profitability of the market.

    As a gesture of good faith, our company is pleased to offer our products with special packages. In line with this, kindly please visit our website: http://www.craftersjoy.com and like us on Facebook: Crafters Joy Cornhusk Products to view our latest products and transactions.

    Thank you and God bless.

  2. My interest goes to Eggplants and special to the variaty; Solanum Melongea L and the new one BT Eggplant
    For exercise purpose in a dutch greenhouse so I would like to recieve a smal package of each of them par example 10 seeds of both and I will be very pleased with the seeds.
    The making of any costs can be charched to my.

  3. I’ve had already Solanum Melongena L in my possition by approach 6 years ago but I spoiled it!

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