5 Reasons to Visit the 7th TAGCOM 2013

Robinsons Place, Mid Town  Atrium  , Ermita, Manila-Philippines

 Robinsons Place

This was a time of this year when children and children at heart troop to  Robinson Place to see the biggest gathering of toy, memorabilia and cos-players in this side of Metro Manila.


 NO Entrance FEES :There is a big crowd since the event is FREE, Everyone from all walks o life can go and enjoy all the activities. I saw some foreigners buying some toys !

Toy collection

NBA figurine

Toy figurine exhibit – Various toy collectors would display their collections. They would inspire other budding collectors of toys, figurines and memorabilia item. Displaying their collection while the crowd admires their collection is a big accomplishment that a collector could share. Some collectors would really spend time, money and efforts just to acquire new toy collections.

 comic collectors buying

Comics – Different kinds of  hard to find comics from Marvel, DC and Anime related items , Japanese Manga are on sale.

Button Pins– Anime characters featured on button pins and are for sale. I was surprise to know that there are students who collects these button pins

coke tin cans still mint (unopened )

Memorabilia items- Souvenir hunters would look for these type of collectibles, most the coke cans are sourced locally and even in the United States of America.

Website: http://www.robinsonsmalls.com/

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