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Agrilink 2015 Highlights

World Trade Center, Pasay City -Philippines

Agrilink 2015 , the country’s longest agriculture, fisheries , livestock , food sector. The 3-day event started with the ribbon cutting ceremonies by Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala. This year’s theme: Regional Agribusiness Development : Cornerstone for Inclusive Growth .

East West Seed Corporation

Website: http://www.eastwestseed.com/philippines/en/index.php

Facebook Page: EastWest Seed Company

Unlike other trade shows, There is no entrance fees – however due to the high volume of foot traffic at the iconic World Trade Center , It is advisable to pre-register several months or weeks prior to coming to the event as long lines at the lobby .

Allied Botanical Corporation

Simply called ABC or Allied Botanical Corporation. This company is among the largest distributor of quality brand condor seeds, annuals, herbs and fertilizer brands like Osmocote , Peters and Klasmann

Website: http://www.alliedbotanical.com/

Trade Fairs opens from 8:30am until past 5:30pm

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/agrilinkPH

Try or call 09175888799 or email frld.agrilink@gmail.com.

Visitors can also pre-register their attendance through http://www.agrilink.org

Note: I suggest people visiting the trade show to be extra cautious in handling their belongings, there are report of pickpocket incidents .


22nd Agrilink 2015

Agrilink has already earned the reputation as the undisputed leader in agribusiness exhibition. for the past 22 years ! Every year, it never fails to offer surprises with the best showcase of products, information, technologies,market linkages and promotions to the whole agribusiness community and the general public. This year, Agrilink takes on another innovative spin to a different facet of agribusiness as it presents another exciting show that is sure to wow its loyal followers!

The venue will be held at the iconic World Trdae Center along Senator Gil Puyat Avenue ( Buendia ) in Pasay City .  A total of 367 companies occupying 464 indoor and retail booths joined the exhibition. This translates to an indoor exhibit area of 8,100 square meters for the main exhibition, 1,950 square meters for the retail area and 4,000 square meters for the outdoor exhibit. While most were local companies, there were also 258 square meters occupied by foreign companies from 9 countries led by France, China, Korea, Thailand, USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

There were four pavilions: the Korea Pavilions at the main exhibit area and PHILFOODEX, OPTA and AANI Pavilions in the retail area. Just like in the previous years, the Department of Agriculture had 30 regional booths and BFAR had 12 booths.

Total number of registered visitors was 25,000 over a three-day period, with an estimated 5% of first-day visitors who came back on the second and third days.

The trade fair starts from 8:00am to 5:00pm . Unlike other trade fairs , there are no entrance fees, but pre-registration is highly encourage.

Note: I am also warning those who wanted to visit the expo site to be very careful with your personal belongings , there are pickpocket

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/agrilinkPH


Agri-link 2011-Integration: Key to Sustainable Agriculture

This year Agri-Link 2011 was opened by Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has extended his welcome to Mr. Willy Co as this year’s Agri-Link chairman, citing Co’s expertise in localized breeding for tropical vegetable seed and his numerous, successful field programs.

Hon Proceso Alcala, Mr. Willy Co ( Allied Botanical Corporation) and important VIP’s graced the opening ceremonies at the World Trade Center

Co-organizer for the event is Ms. Dulce Gozon of the National Onion Growers Cooperative Marketing Association.
In cooperation with LGUs, Co had partnered with Alcala, then congressman for Quezon, in the ‘Aral Saka,’ aimed at helping farmers improve their farming technologies and create their own produce, which have enabled the Quezon province to produce all types of vegetables.

Opening day speech introduction at the World Trade Center

These programs have since been replicated in farms like Isabela, Pangasinan, Cebu and even urban areas like Quezon City.

Entrance to the Agri-Link  2011  exhibition

Mr. Co is also a multi-term Philippine Seed Industry Association president and the first and only Filipino president of the Asia and Pacific Seed Association.

Allied Botanical Corporation exhibit booth at the World Trade Center, Pasay City

ABC has set up localized breeding programs for vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds along with hybrid rice. ABC’s 23-hectare research facility conducts breeding, screening, testing and distribution of different crop seed varieties that have high yield, resistance to diseases and pests as well as improved adaptability to specific geographical and tropical conditions. These inputs enhance the farm’s sustainability, improve their income and provide healthier food for consumers.

Alatone Plastic Company

Alatone Plastics, Inc.was founded in 1969; emerge as one of the first companies in the Philippine industry of manufacturing plastic products. Its production plant is located at # 7 Industry Rd. 1, Araneta University Village, Potrero, Malabon City. Its humble beginnings started by manufacturing only two items, pails and basins. At present, Alatone Plastics is engage in producing various sizes of commercial items ranging from utility cans, baskets, chairs, dish drainers and real heavy-duty crates for the industrial market. From its very humble beginnings, Alatone Plastics diversified and expanded its product line. Today, dealers and end users know Alatone Plastics for its durability and elegance, a trademark that made them sought after.

Website: http://www.alatoneplastics.com/

This year’s theme, “Integration: Key to Sustainable Agriculture,” emphasizes the significance of a holistic, integrative approach—from production system down to consumer households—towards a more efficient, productive, profitable and self-sufficient Philippine agriculture.

Allied Botanical Corporation is also a top seed wholesaler in the country

Foundation for Resource Lin-kage and Development (FRLD) president Antonio V. Roces ex-plains: “The integration of environment friendly yet effective farm and post-production technologies, government inputs, comprehensive marketing strategies, efficient networking systems and other support services will empower farmers and stakeholders of small and large agribusinesses to better adapt to the needs of the time.

B -Meg rooster mascot-

Daily lectures and technology transfer is the greatest linkages that this show had provided with multitude of people from all walks of life went to this show.

Sagrex Fertilizer Company

Sagrex Corporation
office and Warehouse in Davao City and Gen. Santos City. Sagrex Corporation (Sagrex) epitomizes the edge of innovation and its relevance in today’s world. Formerly known as “Southern Agro Export Corporation,” the company set out in 1980 to engage purely in the trading of agricultural products and inputs. In the span of three decades, Sagrex has evolved into a conglomerate of inter-linked operations that led to the current challenge it is now tackling – gearing up for the world food market.

Sagrex started out as a local trader of copra coffee beans and sugar. The company next ventured into the consolidation of volumes of castor seeds, cotton seeds and pineapple and banana degum fiber for exportation to Japan and Germany. After Eight (8) years, the company decided to venture into importation and distribution of NPK Soluble foliar fertilizers when it was awarded the Philippines exclusive distributor of GrowMore, Inc; a California based manufacturer of micro-nutrients.
Website: http://www.sagrex.com/history.htm

Environment buttons on sale

Security Issue

There are reported incidence of theft in the retail section of the exhibit , one Filipino- Chinese businessman reportedly lost two cell phones, and an undetermined amount of cash and important documents such as ID’s and credit card. There was also another person who lost a laptop , while another trade exhibit guest also lost an undetermined amount of cash .

It is also important that the public must know that theft and pickpocket is not just confined in one area . according to one of the victim “The pickpockets, might be working in teams, apply distraction, such as bumping into the victim. These distractions sometimes require sleight of hand, speed, misdirection and other types of skills.

I hope that the organizers and WTC, Pasay City would seriously look into this matter!

AGRI-LInk 2011

18th International Agribusiness Exhibition and Seminars
12th International Food Processing, Packaging and Products Exhibition
7th National Fisheries Exhibition and Seminars

Trade Fair Dates: October 6-8, 2011

Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM), Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Philippines

Important Dates:

Ingress: October 5, 2011 – 8am to 10pm
Exhibition Dates: October 6-8, 2011 – 10am to 6pm
Egress: October 8, 2011 – 6pm to 10pm

Dress Code: Business Attire

Website: http://www.agrilink.org/html/2011/fair-info.html

AGRI-Link 2010 Expo

Last October 7 to 9, 2010, The World Trade Center hosted one of the Philippines biggest Agriculture Show. Envision as AGRI-LINK 2010 expo . the show aimed to bridge the buyers and the sellers of various Agriculture products, services , machinery , live stocks , industry practitioners , academe and technology transfer  .

Entrance to the retail area

There are many interesting ideas, products and technologies that will certainly be of great interest to lot of show goers. At the outdoor exhibit area, for instance, there will be a lot of plants aside from the farm animals. Guest of honors include Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala .

King Louis Ornamental Plants and Cut Flower landscape exhibit booth

If you are interested in plants, you will see them in the booths of the Friends of AANI. There are, for instance, the many different bamboo varieties from Mrs. Carolina Gozon Jimenez who has developed a bamboo plantation in Antipolo City. She has about the biggest collection of bamboo varieties hereabouts.

If you are looking for planting materials of superior exotic fruit trees, you will also find them in the outdoor area. These include superior varieties of pummelo like Magallanes, two varieties from Vietnam as well as from Thailand. There will be stocks of grafted Longkong lanzones (the superior variety from Thailand), imported varieties of mango like Golden Queen from Taiwan, Peach mango from Australia, different varieties from Thailand and Florida (USA).

There will be rare fruit trees like the variegated orange that produces sweet and juicy fruits, sweet kamias seedlings, imported makopa varieties, sweet sampalok and many others.

Watermelon and Papaya fruits exhibited by Mr. Toto Barcelona of Harbest Corporation

One of the interesting exhibits will be the farm-ready seedlings from East-West Seed Company which include Sinta and Red Lady papaya, seedlings of tomato, eggplant, different varieties of sweet and hot peppers, bitter gourd  and others.

Quality fruits and vegetables harvest by Allied Botanical Corporation

Allied Botanical Corporation or just simply ABC booth is a consistent top-crowd drawer during the expo. Their sweet melons , high quality seeds of vegetables  , fruits and flowering annuals including their fertilizers earned them the nickname ” Ang Pambansang Fertilizer ” , ” Quality Seed Company ” , ” Kaagapay ng mga Magsasaka” , ” Forefront in Seed Technology“, ” Best Quality that a grower can find” among others.

Their demonstration farm in Pangasinan is a beehive of activities and their company is very proud to have sponsored several students from leading Philippine Colleges and Universities through their  scholarship projects.

Allied Botanical Corporation -Sales and Marketing Team

The company  also send a team of capable and experience oriented  resource speakers in various agriculture , horticultural shows all over the country.

Their never ending support earned their company as one of the leading pioneers in the seed, fertilizer and technology transfer in agriculture industry.

Agri-products from different parts of the country

There are over 300 exhibitor booths selling different kinds of agriculture products.

A panel of experts will also be available for ready consultation by trade show goers beside the booth of AANI. Dr. Rey Itchon  gave a lecture on free-range chickens.

French Pavilion exhibit at the Agri-Link expo 2010

Belmont Agriculture Corporation a French based company  which has been in the forefront of the industry for over 35 years. Belmont marketing manager Tony Magno said they will be displaying their modern tunnel ventilation system which uses fiberglass cone fans installed at one end of the house and large openings at the opposite end. The improved air quality removes excess heat, moisture, dusts, odors and harmful gases like carbon dioxide and ammonia, providing the birds with more free oxygen.

Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system lowers the temperature in the poultry house through evaporative cooling. The decrease in humidity helps keep the animals comfortable so they can eat more and grow faster. The birds are more healthy and will require less medication.

pot bellied piglets for sale

Magno said they customize each tunnel ventilation system, depending on the environment of the farm. He added that Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system lessens land area requirements, providing higher bird stock density by at least 35 percent more. One satisfied user of Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system is San Miguel Foods, Inc. which became more profitable after adopting the system.

James Yap wearing B-MEG T-shirt together with some eager fans

San Miguel Basketball and Pure foods Basketball Team were also within the WTC grounds as part of the company support to the event.

Benguet State University

Benguet State University history dates back to the time when the Baguio-La Trinidad road was only a rough trail in  1916.  Back then , La Trinidad Experiment Station of the Bureau of Agriculture was turned over to the Bureau of Education. By this turn of events, the La Trinidad Farm School served 30  grade 5 students.

the institution was planned ultimately to develop into a large normal and farm school, where the best  pupils  from the region will be given special training for the service as teachers among their own people with emphasis on agricultural education.

Rapid growth in agricultural education led to the construction of new structures and courses being offered . However , most of the structures were either partially destroyed and school records were lost during the second world war.

Benguet State University entrance arch

In 1946, the school became the La Trinidad Agricultural High School. Four years later, a provincial normal curriculum was added to its agricultural education program. The  curriculum was abolished in 1953 and a two-year post high school certificate in agricultural education was offered.

The school was renamed La Trinidad National Agricultural School (LTNAS). Four months later, it was nationalized and named the Mountain National Agricultural School (MNAS). It was soon converted into the Mountain National College (MNAC); Mountain Agricultural College ( MAC ); and eventually, Mountain State Agricultural College (MSAC) in 1969 through RA 5923.

Benguet State University – Food Processing Center

On January 12, 1986 , the college was converted to a state university by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 2010 signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Initiatives for this development started in the 70’s when former Assemblyman Andres A. Cosalan filed a bill for the elevation of the Mountain State Agricultural College to a University.

The tour group was  greeted by Dr. Jane K. Avila and personally conducted a short lecture on basics of food preservation.

According to Dr. Avila the center helps in research and development for the farmers in the Mountain province and Benguet areas . When there is an oversupply of  fresh strawberries in the market the tendency is that most of the produced are just thrown away. Ube , Chayote , Camote and other roots crops are just some of the products that are used by the center.

At the end of the tour , the POS board of directors gave Dr. Avila and Benguet State University  a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the Philippine Orchid Review.

University Contact Numbers

Trunk lines (connecting all offices & Deparments) (063)(74) 422-2127; 422-2402

Office of the President (063)(74) 422-2401;
Fax: (063)(74) 422-2281

Research, Development & Extension

(063)(74) 422-6505

Planning, Development & Business Affairs (063)(74) 309-3545

Information Technology Division (063)(74) 422-6285/ 309-3547

Supply & Property Management Office (063)(74) 422-7731


Come & Visit!!! Philippines’ biggest and most prestigious international trade show on agribusiness, food and fishery. THEME: ” Sustainable Food Production: Focus on the Filipino Market”

The country’s world-class food products are set to draw international attention at the forthcoming Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink 2009, which is slated at the World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City on October 9-11.

  • 16th International Agribusiness Exhibition and Seminars
  • 10th International Food Processing, Packaging and Products Exhibition
  • 5th National Fisheries Exhibition and Seminars


October 8, 3:30-5:30pm (Thursday), Venue: Tent, WTC

  • Snap Hydrophonics
  • Indigenous Plants for Health and Wellness
  • Food Safety Assurance System: Key to Meet Global Demands for Safety & Quality of Exported Food Products
  • Quantum Agriculture

October 9, 10:30am-12:30pm (Friday), Venue: Tent, WTC

  • Snap Hydrophonics
  • Indigenous Plants for Health and Wellness
  • Making Money Out of Guppies & Other Live Bearers
  • Raising Koi & Other Egg Layers for Fun & Profit
  • Going for the Big Time by Raising High Value Ornamentals
  • Niche Market vs. Mass Market in Aquaculture
  • Organic Local Market & Global Trade
  • Organic Poultry & Piggery Presentation


  • HUCC Postharvest Processing Technologies
  • The Road to the Control of Disease Outbreaks in Pigs: No Shortcuts…No Blind Curves..
  • Bamboo for Sustainable Environmental Protection & Economic Development


  • Seminar on Demystifying eLearning
  • Investment Opportunities in Mariculture Parks
  • Culture & Market Potentials of Pangasius
  • Introducing the Humback Grouper
  • Cage Culture of Macrobrachium in Inland Waters
  • The Use of Bamboo & Local Materials for Local Buildings

October 10, 10:30am-12:30pm (Saturday), Venue: Tent, WTC

  • All About Medicinal Herbs


  • Business Opportunities in Mariculture Parks/Zones
  • Climate Adaptation Measures for Fisherfolks: The Region 8 Success Story
  • Farming Potential of Peneaus Vannamei or PacificWhite Shrimp in Freshwater Systems
  • Improvement of Farmed Seaweed Seedstocks Through Tissue Culture
  • Development Plan for the Philippine Ornamental Fish Industry
  • Global Competitiveness of the Philippine Ornamental Fish
  • The Wawa & Yoreka Success Stories
  • Ornamental Fish Health & Quality Control Protocols
  • Export Procedures for Ornamental Fish


  • Development Indexing – Social Return of Investment

Special Events (Venue: Lobby, WTC)

  • 10:30am-12:00nn – Agri-Kapihan Forum: Latest in Organic Farming
  • 3:00pm-5:00pm – Cooking Demonstration: Latest Trends of Meat Processing with the Use of Fiber Technology