Philippine Orchid Society won top prizes in Singapore Show

Mrs. Evangeline Go and Atty. Rudy Sanidad pose at the winning exhibit booth of Philippine Orchid Society

picture courtesy of Philippine Orchid Society

The Philippines Orchid Society’s persistent participation in international orchid shows has again paid off after winning three major awards at the  Orchid Show of the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA) in Singapore held from July 15 to 22, 2010 . With close to 300,000 people coming to see the show. This is considered as the biggest horticulture and orchid show in this side of the world.

Winners received trophies , certificate , plaque and cash prizes

The exhibit booth had several dozen cut-flower varieties of dendrobium , ornamental plants,  unusual fern species from the Philippines , native hats from different parts of the archipelago. There are 31 landscape exhibits which represented some 17 countries.  Serious orchid and plant collectors from different part of the globe showcase their native orchids, plants and newly registered hybrids. There is also a daily lecture, conference and plant bazaar where plant aficionados can buy plants.

indoor lecture area

Mr. Kelvin Manubay, president of the POS, announced this after the exhibiting team headed by Ms. Evangeline Go and Atty. Rudy Sanidad won first place in the Orchid Landscape Category (10 square meter ) .

award reap by the organization

first place in the Best Orchid Species Category( Grammatophyllum multiflorum ), and the Reserved Champion Award for the Best Orchid in the Show ( Grammatophyllum multiflorum).

Grammatophyllum multiflorum an endemic orchid species found in the country

According to  the POS president  “the Philippine Orchid Society (POS) has been participating in International Shows to promote the local floriculture industry in preparation for the staging of its 3rd Flora Filipina Expo to be held on February 2012.” So far the Philippines has won top honors in six international shows which include two in China, one in Taiwan one in Taipei, one in Malaysia, and this recent win in Singapore.

crowd admiring one of the exhibit landscape booth


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