Columbus Monument in New York Postcard

Columbus Circle Monument Postcard

Columbus Circle Monument  was dedicated to Christopher Columbus and was created by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo.  The monument was erected as part of New York’s 1892 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas. Constructed with funds raised by ll Progresso ,  a New York City-based Italian-language newspaper , the monument consists of a marble statue of Columbus atop a 70-foot (21 m)  granite rostral column granite  decorated with bronze reliefs representing Columbus’ ships: the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María. Its pedestal features an angel holding a globe.

The monument got some restoration works done in 2005.

This was given to me last year by Mr. Gene Tobias from the United States of America . He is a fellow postcard , orchid and plant enthusiast whom i met in an online facebook group.

He probably got them on an online auction site or some thrift shops in New York or New Jersey. The postcard was address to Miss Harriet M. Davis who lived in Boiceville , Ulster County in New York .

The postmark indicated that it was cancelled on November 9, 1904 and the letter was probably written in the morning same day – It was Wednesday. . The postcard sender might have written them using fountain pen . The stamp was a 1 cent Benjamin Franklin , the stamp was also used in some letters send to the Philippines as well as letters going out from the Philippines. The country is a US colony at that time and some stamps that were issued in the United States are also used in the country.

Looking at the handwriting and the strokes , the letter sender seems to be very passionate and caring. There is also a sense of some insecurities on the part of the letter sender.

In a short written note at the faceside -obverse of the post card .


Maud and I are coming down on the train to night, you meet us at the station. I have to go Shokan thursday to Exams . Lots to wee you.

Remember year ago this lines – How is J. A.

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Gene Tobias for this marvelous historical postcard with more than 110 years ! Maraming, Maraming Salamat !!!!!

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