Residential Townhouses Community Setting in #23 Kaingin street, Quezon City

Looking for ideal commercial and residential space within Metro Manila ? Look no further as there is a fast rising community of town homes in #23 Kaingin road, near Balintawak which is ideal location for office,commercial and residential spaces within the heart of Quezon City.

Kaingin Road Townhomes


The community is also near schools, hospitals, places of worship, malls, public market, schools and mass transportation like LRT line 1.  These town homes managed by Ymaz Builders. The company had over 20 years of expertise in developing a community that is safe, secure and adapted to modern lifestyles.

basketball court and children’s playground

This is also a wise investment opportunity for expats, businessmen and retirees which needed a nice community to live -in without leaving the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. The community had a good feng shui, a common area for its residents to play basketball, swimming pool, pocket garden and children’s play area.

basketball court, children’s play area and pocket garden


Depending on units available ( lot area ranging from 96 square meters to 209 square meters). Each unit had a car garage capacity of between 2 to 4 , foyer, laundry / drying area, living room, dining area, kitchen, sto / pump room with pocket garden.

living room

Second floor had a master bedroom with walk in closet a bathroom and toilet, balcony area where one can see the skyline of Metro Manila, family room or entertainment room where one can entertain guest of convert the area into a working space.

kitchen area

Third floor had another bedroom with toilet and bathroom, with two bedroom . There is another common area for toilet and bathroom.

dining area

townhouses with modern architecture

Safety and Community Features : The community had a solid high fence gate with security guard house, CCTV camera, electric fence with 24 hour security and automation. There is also a basketball court and children’s play area.


Vicinity Location

Places of Interest: The community townhomes and warehouses are near Balintawak, Most Holy Redeemer Parish, Damar Village, Fisher Mall, Muñoz market, LRT line 1 Balintawak, Sergeant Rivera street, Grace Christian College of Quezon City, Lemon Square, S&R Warehouse, Landers Balintawak, SM North, Trinoma, Ayala Cloverleaf, San Juan, Banawe street, Quezon Avenue and just few minutes away from North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).
Do not forget to call the friendly project architect / marketing representative for ocular inspection of these townhomes, warehouses and office building.
Contact Person: Ms. Wynona Parulan – Project Architect/ Marketing Representative
Email :
Contact :0926-064-2982

Warehouses, Office Building with Residential For Sale in Kaingin Quezon City

Warehouses, office building with residential space for sale near Kaingin, Balintawak in Quezon City.

warehouses, office building and residential space

Warehouse 1 had lot area of 1,466.32 square meters, Warehouse 2 had a lot area of 587.90 square meters.

Three Storey Building is ideal for commercial and office space with elevated loading dock for container vans up to (1.5 meters high) The second floor can be used as office space or conference room while the third floor have 1 master bedroom, 1 guest room a living room, kitchen and dining area  with an area of 393.84 square meters.

Specifications: Loading Bay : 72.18 square meters, Ramp: 20. 51 square meters, Driveway : 179.88 square meters. It is a compound style with high walls with gate.

The address  #2 Katherine Street, Parkway Village, Quezon City

Vicinity Map

Places of Interests:

The area is near the heart of Quezon City’s business district (Ayala -Vertis North ) , Chinatown/ Banawe ( Quezon City), Grace Village in Caloocan City, Muñoz, West Avenue, Roosevelt, San Juan, Grace Park Village and NLEX ( North Luzon Expressway).

Do not forget to call the friendly project architect / marketing representative for ocular inspection of these warehouses and office building.
Contact Person: Ms. Wynona Parulan – Project Architect/ Marketing Representative
Email :
Contact :0926-064-2982

Scandinavia Lift Group Makes Ideal Home and Business Partner

Scandinavia countries are known globally by their art and design.

Their designs are distinguished by minimalism, simplicity, modernism and functionality.

The idea of Scandinavian design has brought us to the creation of a compact, simple and functional home and industrial type of elevator.

SLG homelift


Scandinavia Lift Group offers two lifts with same function but with different
lifting capacities, ILS 500 has 500kg lifting capacity and ILS 1,000 has
1,000kg lifting capacity.

The lifts are suitable for all types of homes as an alternative to stairs for
access to all levels of the home. It can also serve in buildings and industrial purposes.

Contact Information

Website :

      Store Address: 47 Dexter Street Corner Sta. Gertrudes Street, Quezon City

Office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

Contact Person : Ms. Gel Morao Cellphone #0926-383-8704 and Tel no: (02)796-2328

Elegant Townhomes in Mariposa Street near Cubao

These days, location is one the major considerations in choosing a home. Looking for a townhouse that will surely make your everyday life better location and design wise? Mariposa Townhouse should be your choice.

20 Elegant Townhouses

20 units of 2 storey townhouses which is near Araneta Center in Cubao and near major schools, colleges and universities. It is also near hospitals such as Saint Luke’s and STI- Delos Santos Medical Center in Quezon City. Furthermore, it is also near pilgrim sites such as Minor Basilica of Mount Carmel, the shrine is known the first church to assume the status of a minor basilica in the Diocese of Cubao.

Vicinity Location and Places of Interests


Mariposa street and nearby places of interests ( google map)

Accessibility to Schools and Places of Interests

Elegant townhouses are within 30 to 45 minutes away from Greenhills, San Juan and near Dela Salle, Greenhills, ICA , Xavier, Saint Paul University,O.B Montessori,  Trinity University of Asia, Jubilee Christian Academy, Tomas Morato street, Quezon City Sports Club, Amorano Stadium, Kamuning Public Market, Fisher Mall.

Amenities and Green Spaces

A plus point in buying this townhouses is that it has a communal swimming pool area.  You can do whatever you like at your balcony while watching your family enjoying the pool. The pool side can help unwind and providing relaxation, you can even can throw a pool party!

Having a pocket garden with flowering plants can brighten a space with living plants and can bring positive energy vibes to the people living within the community. Also, having these green spaces does have positive restorative effects on mental health and well-being. According to a well-known feng-shui expert, the place have a positive energy and promotes attraction for good well-being.

townhouses with swimming pool and pocket garden

A distinct town homes which is ideal for families big or small people with units that provide easy access to the entire 2-storey home. One can easily climb the stairs with kids even grandparents could enjoy the comfortable well-lighted and ventilated rooms.

The parking slot had a capacity of between 2 to 4 cars. This also comes in fully air-conditioned rooms.

Each townhouse features a foyer, dining hall, kitchen , powder room, maid’s room with toilet, powder room and laundry area.

ground level with parking slots and garden

Lot size can vary from 105 square meter to 152 square meters. A family can also enjoy the outdoor scenery and skyline of Metro Manila and surrounding mountains on a clear moonlight nights.

The second floor had a Master bedroom comes in with walk in closet, toilet and bathroom, bedroom 2, bedroom 3 with toilet and bathroom and light court.

Please contact: Architect Nikki Parulan – Marketing Representative
email : / 0926-064-2982

Ymaz Builders:

35 Tips on How to Conserve Water

Water is life, In the past several days parts of Metro Manila and surrounding areas had experience low water pressure to almost no water running at their faucet. La Mesa Dam in Fairview, had experience low water levels.


With more and more areas struggling with droughts ans water rationing by Manila and Maynilad waters.  Conserving water is more important than ever. Cutting back on water use also means a lower utility bill and helps conserve a precious resource.

25 Tips on How to Conserve Water

1.) Fix the leaks and pipes –  One must try to periodically check house plumping system. Better try to hire plumber ( tubero), fixing leaky faucets or pipes can mean big water saving and conserving water.

2.) Always turn off faucets tightly so they do not drip– One can reduce water wastage by simply turning off faucets tightly.

3.) Take a bath with the use of bucket –  The old reliable dipper (tabo) and plastic pails ( bucket ), Instead of letting the water pour down the faucet. Try to stick a bucket under the faucet . You can use the water for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.

4.) Use a mug or cup when brushing your teeth – Water comes out of the average faucet at least 2.4  gallons per minute. Turn off the faucet after you wet your brush. One can save water by as much as 70% by using glass.

5.) Reuse the water while washing your hands. Using pail ( tabo) will save a lot of water Save a few gallons of water and turn the faucet off after you use.


6.) When taking a bath, Try to soap every part of your body then wash everything all at once to lessen use of water.

7. ) When cooking – Try to choose food or dishes is less greasy. Choosing less greasy foods will require less water when cleaning plates and kitchen utensils. Some karinderias / eateries use thin plastic to wrap the plates. This will lessen washing the plates.

8.) Re-use your pasta cooking liquid. One can collect by draining your pasta water into a large pot. Once it cools, you can use it to water your plants.

9.) Do not use running water to thaw meat and food. This will help minimize the water usage.

10. ) Re-use rice washing ( first wash)  – One can collect the first rice wash by watering them in your favorite plants or orchids. ( try to use it immediately, as rice washing ferments after an hour or so.

11.) Re-use rice washing ( second wash) – We can use the second rice washing for cooking our favorite soup and it enhances the flavor and nutrients of the soup.

12.) Meat and fish washing – One can use the water for watering trees and larger plants.


13.) Try to water plants early in the morning or late afternoon ( before 7:00 am ) or after 5:00 pm in the afternoon. This will reduce evaporation and plants can absorb more water.

14.) Cut down on daily watering – Some plants, orchids, cacti, succulents and trees will not require daily watering. Some can survive without water for a day or so. Bermuda or lawn grass can also survive without daily watering.


15.) Segregate colored dress, shirts and white colored ones– Try to first wash light colored dress first, then the soapy water can reuse them for washing colored clothes ( de color). The soapy water runoff ( grey water) can be use for cleaning toilets , flushing toilets, cars, cleaning windows and floor.


16.) Use pail in cleaning your car– Rather using hose, one can use the recycled soapy water from the laundry. Using pail reduces water usage by as much as 60%.

17.) Cut your showers short– Try to replace older shower head, older shower heads can use as much as 4 to 6 gallons of water per minutes.Try to use the reliable pail when taking a bath.

18.) Choose efficient faucet  fixtures. Aerating your faucets, investing in a low-flow toilet, choosing efficient shower heads, and opting for a water sense rated dishwasher and washing machine can add up to big water savings. As much as 30% to 50% can be save by installing low-flush toilets.

19.) Avoid strenuous physical activities– try to avoid or minimize excessive physical activity that will further deplete your water reserves.

20.) Cut down on drinking diuretics – Drinking coffee, soft drinks or tea since it will further remove water from your system. Try to drink water as much as possible.

21. ) Try to avoid eating sweets or salty food– This will require drinking more water and makes a person thirsty.

22.) Wear comfortable and light colored clothes– Wearing comfortable clothes and materials made from natural materials like cotton will lessen perspiration.

23.) Keep a small and manageable garden spaceTry to choose plants, native trees which can survive drought conditions. Try to keep lawn grass small.

24.) Flush Less– Older toilets use a lot of water. You can reduce your usage by sinking a half gallon jug of water in the toilet tank.

25.) Avoid having water fountains and large swimming pools. These consume a lot of water resources.

26.) Aquarium water can be use for watering trees, palms or lawn grass. But be careful in watering orchids and ferns as water from aquarium may have bacteria such as oogonium which may be harmful to these plants.

27.) Include water saving tips or conservation on company manual –  Daily reminder to the community posted at all times. ( social media, bulletin board are also effective)

28.) Try to have organic mulch on the surface of planting bedding, fruit trees or palms. Aside from retaining moisture, This will reduce weeds from growing around your bedding. This will compete for water and nutrients.

29.) Try to have a periodic pruning on bushy plants and trees. This will reduce watering them during dry season.

30.) Wash your pets like dogs at your lawn or near trees. This serve dual purpose.

31.) Try to reuse towel at home or at hotel – It would help by using your own towel or bedding at least more than once. Some hotels will not change towels or bedding on the daily basis. This will help reduce washing them and thus conserving precious water.

32.) Hand washing plates and dishes – Instead of letting the water run from faucet, fill up your sink with water before washing your dishes or plates.

33.) Select proper pan or pots for cooking – Avoid using large pots or pans when cooking your food. large pans or pots can use more water.

34.) Try to soak pot and pans before cleaning them.-Soaking pots, pans and plates while cleaning them will reduce water consumption.

35.) Install a rain collecting tank at home or company– There are some companies in the country which offers rain collecting tank devices. This can reduce water consumption by at least 20 to 25% during dry season. Rain water is harvested and stored in tanks which came typically from rooftops channeled via pipes. Some comes with filter system.




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