Reopening of Sidcor Eton Centris Sunday Market

It was December 6, 2020 when the famed Sidcor Eaton Centris Walk Sunday market bazaar had finally reopens their business to the general public.

This was after more than 8 months of non-operation due to the coronavirus 2019 lockdown. Since the organizers had to observe strict social distancing rules set aside by IATF, Quezon City local government regulations.

a marshal check on one’s temperature, physical distancing, face mask ,face shield and hand sanitation

Fewer that the pre-covid 2019 stall were able to get stalls within the sunday market. From between 400 to 430 stalls before March 15, 2020 the stalls only numbers about 200 which was just 50% few months ago.

Hand sanitizers, an area to wash and bigger stalls were present at the sunday market.

Centris Walk

Sidcor Eton Centris Sunday Market

Eros & Beamth hand made soaps

It is quite good to finally see again some old time vendors selling their products and to hear some of their stories. One of such seller is Eros and Beamth hand made soaps.

Dining area

Yan Ching-Original Fresh Chinese Lumpia

We were quite happy to see that our “suki” Fresh Chinese lumpia / vegetable spring roll is still around. the price of their well-loved lumpia had increased from last March.

We ordered some lumpia rolls and ate them at the dining area.


poinsettias , tillandsia, bromeliads, ornamental plants and flowering orchids are for sale at this stall

Plant Section

Brendz Garden

There are some familiar faces and stalls at the Sunday market , but it was not that lively and not many stalls compared 8 months ago. Ms. Brenda had a lot of ornamental plants , tillandsias, bromeliads, aglaonema for sale.

variegated ficus elastica

Business is still quite slow during the duration of our visit. First visited the sunday market on December 6 then December 13, 2020.


Hoya publicalyx

Asplenium musifolium aka bird’s nest fern, dapong babae for sale

different types of bromeliads, guzmanias and aechmea in bloom

Microsorum and Huperzia phlegmaria on sale

A specimen sized Microsorum and Huperzia phlegmaria / tassel fern growing together. This was later bought by a doctor.

The sellers are also quick to showcase their plants for sale and hope that they will have bigger sales in the upcoming weeks.

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