Chef Orvin Sayos version of Pad Thai at the Cavite Food and Culinary Expo 2019

Chef Orvin Sayos of Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant and Atlas Culinary Institute shows how Pad Thai is made at the recent Cavite Food and Culinary Expo 2019 last July 28 at the Isla Event Center in Imus, Cavite province.

chef Orvin Sayos

Chef Orvin Sayos

pad thai

Pad Thai is well known Thai noodle dish which can be made in under 30 minutes. It starts with fresh ingredients including rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, tofu, cilantro, bean sprouts, peanuts and scrambled eggs tossed in a delicious homemade pad thai sauce that is so good it tastes like it came from your favorite Thai restaurant.

pad thai

Pad Thai ala Chef Orvin Sayos

We love on how he shared his skills in cooking. We like the taste of the noodles. I have tasted different kinds of Pad Thai from different Thai restaurants in Metro Manila. Although some of the participants prefer a little bit spicy.

certificate of recognition

He was one of the guest speakers during the exposition.


Great Asian Dishes at Crustasia Seafood Market

Great Asian seafood and featuring dishes inspired by the best of Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean cuisines at Crustasia. This restaurant had just opened last June 29, 2018 at Newport Mall within Resort Word in Pasay City.


crispy catfish salad with sauce and kaffir lime juice

Crispy catfish salad with sauce is not your typical catfish salad which originated from Thailand. This is commonly called ( Yam Pla Dook Foo ). The catfish is carefully selected and carefully deep fried and neatly flaked. It is then presented with chopped red onions, sliced mangoes, coriander leaves, chopped green spring onions, pomelo,bird’s eye chilies with a slice of lemon.


chicken satay with peanut sauce

Chicken satay is another MUST Try dish when you visit this restaurant. The chicken is well marinated and grilled well.  The chicken satay is topped with finely crushed peanuts and chopped spring onions.


bagoong rice with slices of mangoes

Bagoong rice flavor is balance with with generous slices of mangoes, chopped onions, tomatoes, sliced scrambled eggs, crispy dried shrimps, marinated slices of pork ( similar to tocino) and topped with coriander leaves.  One may opt to order some red bird’s eye chilies for added kick. The combination is not too salty and this dish combines several flavors like sweetness, salty, spicy, umami and savory.


deep fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves with sweet chilli sauce

Deep fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves – The chicken is well seasoned and wrapped in pandan leaves before deep frying. This adds more flavor and aroma to the meat. The dish is flavorful even without the sweet chilli sauce.


steamed grouper in superior soy sauce

Steamed grouper or locally known as lapu-lapu is one of the best tasting dishes that this place had to offer. The grouper is fresh, not too salty and retained the natural taste. This was carefully seasoned with soy sauce topped with chopped onion leeks, sliced ginger.


roasted garlic crab with noodles

Roasted garlic crab with noodles is another MUST TRY when hanging out . The mud crab is fresh and topped with roasted garlic and noodles.


Javanese beef rendang

Javanese beef rendang dish is cooked with carrots, bell pepper topped with sliced green spring onion leaves. The beef meat is tender is with thick sauce. This is best accompanied by white or jasmine rice.


mixed seafood tom yum

Mixed seafood tom yum soup is well seasoned with clams and giant fresh water shrimp (ulang) topped with coriander leaves. The broth is savory and one can request for additional red chilies for additional spice.


Pad thai

Pad Thai is a specialty stir fry noodle dish which originated in Thailand. This dish can be shared between 2 to 4 people. This had a generous ingredients like mung bean sprouts ( toge), carrots, fried scallions, sliced red bell pepper, scrambled eggs, shrimps ,crushed peanuts with chopped onion leeks.


claypot catfish in Vietnamese fish sauce ( photo courtesy of Ms. Mariel Pares)

Claypot catfish is cooked in Vietnamese fish sauce with lemon grass, chopped onions and topped with basil leaves. The catfish meat is tender and had no after taste. The sauce had a sweet, savory and mild taste.


ice kacang

Ice kacang is like our own halo-halo. This is not too sweet and can be shared with at least 2 people.


Guyabano tropical

Guyabano tropical is like the ice kacang with guyabano fruit added into the ice cream. Topping like sweet corn, beans, slices of gellies, slices of cantaloupe ( melon ) adds more flavors and colors to this exciting desert.


 Chef Peter Ayson together with vloggers, bloggers and media

I must recommend the kaffir leaves juice ( Cabuyao). Cabuyao is the local name for kaffir lime. The leaves and fruit is extensively used in Southeast Asian dishes.


Note: Please refer to the website and FB page for the prices and promos. Some of the menus posted are seasonal.


Facebook Page:

Address: 2/Floor Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City

Contact : 0945- 463- 9248/ 0966-4059829

Operations: Everyday

Operational Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 midnight ( Mondays to Fridays)

10:00 am to 12:00 midnight ( Saturdays and Sundays )

How to commute: There are several ways on how to get there.

1.) From LRT-1 EDSA and MRT- 3 Taft station.

2.)  From MRT -3 Taft station -Try to go down the stairs at Saver’s Square at the North bound side of the station (this mall connected to the terminal) via passageway.

3.)There is a pedestrian passageway in between McDonalds and Chowking. Go straight in and look for white Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal (NAIA) 3 Loop shuttle public commuter bus. Beep Card is used in this bus and fare only cost Php 20. The buses leaves every 30 minutes.

4.) The NAIA 3 Loop shuttle commuter bus first stop is at the departure area of NAIA terminal 3, then will make a 2nd stop at the corner of the Steel Parking at Resort Dr. cor Andrews Ave. You can go down there and walk straight towards your destination.

5.) EDSA northbound lane near MRT Taft Station in Pasay Rotunda with Baclaran- “Nichols” signage. Fare ( Php 9.00 minimum)






BKK Express : Interesting Dishes and Desserts

  4th Floor Food Hall , UP Town Mall, Bonifacio Global City , Taguig City 

BKK Express is shorten word for Bangkok Express. This is one of the newest concept food stall by the Cabalen group of company . BKK Express just opened their doors at the 4th level of Food Hall within UPTOWN Mall, BGC, Taguig.

Chef Thea and Mr. Roy Fontabla

Chef Thea is from Thailand and  70% of the ingredients were imported from Thailand . ” Not all Thai foods are spicy , which Filipinos and the general public may have perceived , Thai foods are known for balancing its sweetness, sourness, spiciness ” said Mr. Roy Fontabla ( Area Manager Soi, BKK Express).  The rest of the ingredients were locally sourced , this maintain the freshness and one way of helping local producers .

Here are among the favorite dishes that we have tasted at the BKK Expresss.

Isan Sausage 

Isan / Esan Sausage is known as Sai Krok Isan , which is similar with our local longganisa . This dish is normally eaten as appetizer or light snack,  wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves , chopped fresh chilies , sliced fresh cloves of garlic, matchstick sliced ginger, roasted peanuts , cilantro .

One can easily adjust the spiciness depending on how many chopped chilies , one will add to the roll. This is good for 2 persons (Php 350.00) per serving.

Thai Spring Rolls this is eaten as appetizer or meal viand. This is crispy with sweet chili sauce as condiment .

Thai Bagoong Rice with sliced mangoes , dried shrimps, chopped string beans, scrambled eggs , cucumber , salted egg , pork , chopped fresh onions , chilies  with lemon .

Pad Thai Tofu 

Pad Thai – is a stir fry Thai noodles is special homemade tamarind sauce with dried shrimps ,eggs, mung beans sprouts, radish , chives , tofu and crush peanuts .

Pad Thai Chicken

Pad Thai -Singaporean style

Pad Thai Singapore style was a version of Pad Thai made by Singaporean chef , The dish originated in Singapore uses a different kind of noodles compared to the Thai , Eventually this dish became popular in Singapore and in Southeast Asia.

BKK express had several Pad Thai dishes like Pad Thai crab meat –Php 250 , Pad Thai Chicken –Php 220 , Pad Thai Tofu –Php 190 and Pad Thai Singaporean – Php 250 – Ideal for twin sharing .

Chicken satay

Chicken satay had 2 types of condiments and ideal for 2 to 3 persons ( Php 320 ) There is also a Pork  Sweet Style Barbecue which cost (Php 330) ideal for 2 to 3 person sharing.

Pork Belly 5 Stew with Hard Boiled Egg – This is very similar to Chinese- style pork asado with hard boiled eggs and vegetable , This also comes with special condiment . Ideal for 2 to 3 person sharing ( Php 260 )

Thai Noodle with Roasted Pork 

Thai Noodle Soup – This is a Thai noodle with marinated pork meat, cilantro , bokchoy  and chopped spring onion leaves .  There were five kinds to Thai noodles to choose from – Thai Noodle with Roasted Pork ( Php 160) good for twin sharing MUST Try , Fresh Egg Noodles with Shrimp Wanton ( Php 190) good for twin sharing MUST Try, Thai Rice Noodles with Meat Balls ( Php 190) , Fresh Egg Noodles with Shrimp Wanton and Roasted Pork ( Php 180) MUST Try , Fish Tom Yam with Thin Rice Noodles ( Php 180 )

Desserts – There are a lot of  Thai desserts , some are almost similar to some popular Philippine desserts but not overly sweet .  They can be shared between 2 to 3 person .

Water Chestnut with Crushed Ice and Toddy Palm ( Php 125 ) Toddy Palm or ‘Look Dtahn’ in Thai, is clear and crunchy. This is a type of Palmyra palm which is extensively cultivated from India , mainland Southeast Asia , Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. The palm is highly ornamental and the palm had numerous economic value.

Sticky Rice Mango Sundae with Sherbet – This is another all time favorite with two kinds of colored sticky rice , topped with sliced mangoes, sherbet with grated coconut meat. ( Php 135)

Some of the Must Try juices are the Thai Ice Tea ( Php 55.00) , Thai Iced Coffee ( Php 55.00) , Lemon Grass Juice ( Php 45.00) and Pandan Iced tea ( Php 45.00)

Contact : 805-1328

Note : Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.

How to Commute :

1.) From MRT Guadalupe station , take 1 jeepney ride with Gate 3 , UPTOWN Mall signage – Minimim Fare- Php 7.00

2.) A short walking distance from jeepney stop to the Mall will take around 5 to 10 minutes .

Amazing Just Thai : Different Flavors of Thailand

Forbestown, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City- Taguig, Philippines

some of the top dishes of the restaurant that are frequently ordered by its clientele

One can easily spot the Thai -inspired place with its unique embellishment and architecture along the rows of restaurants . Thai food is known for the combination of complex flavors — sour, spicy, sweet , salty and to some extent minty .

chicken satay

 Gae Sate is Chicken satay on stick is tender and the peanut sauce is a perfect combination. The side garnish which are from finely cut vegetables adds color and presentation . Php 290 per order ( good for 3 to 4 people)

 Poh Piah Tod

Poh Piah Tod is crispy Thai spring roll filled with glass noodles and special sweet and spicy dip . It is accompanied with chopped vegetables which add texture and color to the dish. Normally serve as a form of appetizer and fried spring rolls is common in Southeast Asian cuisine. Php 260 per serving.

spices and condiments

What is nice about the dishes of the restaurant is one can adjust the varying degrees of spiciness in order to adjust to one preference. One can ask for Filipino spicy or Thai spicy – Filipino spicy tend to be less spicy and comparable to Bicol and Eastern Samar taste, While Thai spicy is at least several times more spicy compared to the Filipino level of  spicy.

Thai beef salad

Yam Neua  or Thai beef salad is a nice combination of beef , lettuce, chopped tomatoes ,  cucumber with light salad dressing with chopped onions and chili pepper – JUST Thai style.  The beef salad can be shared with 2 to 4 people . (Php350) per serving

(prawns in garlic and pepper in  soup)

Kung Kratien  or  prawns in garlic and pepper in soup , It is mildly flavored  and not soggy . You will know that the prawns and the ingredients are fresh by simply tasting the food. ( Php 500 ) per serving

(squid with garlic and pepper)

Blah Pla Muek Kratien  or squid with garlic and pepper in soup.  The soup is mildly flavored can be adjusted with the addition of extra chopped chillies .

Pad Gaprow Talay- seafood mix with fried basil leves

Pad Gaprow Talay -The sea food mixture  of mussels ( tahong ), prawns and squid plus crispy fried basil leaves with coconut sauce. The crispy fried basil leaves add a distinct minty flavor which further enhances the sea foods .  Perfect for sharing with 2 to 4 people (Php 280)

Vegetarian Dish Being Offered

Gaeng Leuang

Just Thai also offers vegetarian-friendly dishes like the Gaeng Leuang (vegetables in yellow curry). It had a healthy serving of tofu, broccoli, eggplant, bell pepper,  string beans in rich coconut milk with yellow curry topped with chopped red chillies and chopped coriander leaves ( Php 260 ) for sharing 2 to 4 people.

Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodle  dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand. It is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs  and chopped firm tofu , mung bean sprouts , flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, coriander leaves and the flavor is enhanced with peanuts and chopped red chillies. This is some sort of ” National Noodle ” of Thailand . A visit to any Thai restaurant is a must try of this dish. The dish is neatly presented before you can mix all the ingredients.

The place is a favorite place to hang-out among the expatriate communities, celebrities  and even employees of nearby establishments .  Thai foods and delicacies is one of the top choices for Asian foodies .


 Forbes town, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; tel: +63 (2) 403-8718, 

Branch : Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang; tel: +63 (2) 808-4058.

Facebook Page:

How to Get There:

Take the BGC hybrid bus from bus station located near McKinley Road and near MRT- Ayala station ( Upper West Route) . The bus had designated bus stop and take -off at the second bus stop which is at the back of the MIND Museum. A short walk toward Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Global City.  Transportation fee is just Php 12.00 from the bus station.

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