8th I-Blog Philippine Summit- Day 2

Day 2 ( May 26, 2012 )

Malcolm Building – College of Law, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

I arrived early at around past 7:00 am on the second day of the 8th i-Blog Summit . I saw some friends and early birds congregating at the lobby of the building.

Mr. Rem Tanauan an inspirational blogger and  Mr. Raymond John S. Naguit a UST nursing graduate , writer, blogger

The first speaker is Mr. Rem Tanauan, He is seated beside me before the lecture .  the  Soul of Blogging focuses on how to tap this deep inspiration to write, share and blog. He was very engaging to talk with .  He advocates for the more philosophical take on love and how we can find it even in the most non-conspicuous of places. After his inspirational talk , we manage to talk with this guy.

Ms. Janette Toral

Website : http://www.janettetoral.com/

Bloggers who decided to take this craft seriously will later on realize that the blogosphere, like any other industry segment, has its own share of politics.

She again made a comment which delighted most of the participants ” Walang Basagan ng Trip ” !

Here are some of the sub-topics discussed by Ms. Toral:

  1. Identity Building (give time for bloggers to grow first 20 blog post and finding voice)
  2. Freebies and Give-away ( as much as possible do not ask for loot bag )
  3. Free domain (Don’t rule as out. Having a domain name doesn’t make anyone better than those in free sites.)
  4. Tyrant bloggers
  5. Group politics (we need “tribes”)
  6. Blog marketing,paid blogging and social media consultants competition.
  7. Blacklisting
  8. Blogosphere or Egosphere
  9. Cyber-bullying
  10. Mob-Thinking

After the lecture, She had a few minutes of Q and A among the participants of the summit.  Some of the popular questions :

1.) As an event organizer , what can we do when we see people and bloggers came to our event UN-invited ?

2. ) Do we need to treat bloggers and the traditional  media the same ?

3. ) Loot bags and other perks of a blogger

A short mid- morning break was sponsored by MC Donald- Philippines . This allows blogger participants  to mingle with each other and have some time for photo opportunity with the speakers .

Dr. Wendell Glen Cagape

E-mail: wendellglenncagape@gmail.com

Website : http://www.journeysandtravels.com/

Dr. Wendell Glen Cagape is from Pagadian City , Mindanao. He worked as a senate staff and studied  graduate study program in Foreign Service from the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

He was a guest speaker and presenter at the 2010 XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies entitled, ‚ÄúIndigenizing English Instruction in the Classroom: Issues, Challenges and Innovations‚ÄĚ. Dr. Cagape is also the Board Secretary of the JH Cerilles State College. He used to oversee the academic policies and its implementation on courses like Law, Nursing, HRRM, and Information Technology.

                                                                                                                   Mr. Bien Eli Nilos, M.D.

Dr. Bien Nilos is a  medical doctor by profession , a professor in University of Saint La Salle and  a part time blogger.

  1. What is Public narrative?
  2. How we FEEL about something influences what we THINK and what we DO!
  3. Dialogue of the heart
  4. What’s stopping you from taking action?
  5. How to use stories to attract and engage more readers to your articles,books and newsletter.

Mr. Marcelle Fabie

Here are some of his tip :

  1. The best material comes naturally! (even if your comedic voice¬†doesn’t.)
  2. Write about what you love! (And find the reasons why!)
  3. Write about what you hate! (And exaggerate the annoyances.)
  4. Write about what scares you. (And¬†absurdity¬†what you don’t get)
  5. Know your memes (They will serve you well)
  6. Just look around you! (Let real life write the jokes for you.)
  7. The Rule of three (And the basic comedy standby’s.)
  8. Write in list format. (So you know where you’re going.)

Mr. John Henrix as a role model

  Everyone in the audience got a sample of his comedy skits and funny voice ! There is never a dull moment in his  lecture that brought the house down .

After his lecture , We ate lunch sponsored by Mc Donald- Philippines.

Mr. Noel Feria

Mr. Noel Feria is a graduate student of the  UP College of Education  specializing in Educational Technology. He finished his undergraduate degree of BLIS from the UP School of Library and Information Studies. He is now currently employed as a graduate research assistant at the UP Department of Computer Science , lecturer at the UP School of Library and Information Studies ( UP SLIS ) , lecturer at the UP College of Education , short course trainer at the UP Information Technology Training Center  ( UP ITTC ), and course ware administrator of the Java Education & Development Initiative Project ( JEDI ).

blog : http://noel.feria.name/Site/Main.html

Ten reasons why EDU- Blogging is FUN

  • Blogging is educational
  • Blogging builds a network of online (and offline) community
  • Blogging as a process of reflection.
  • Blogging is a way for knowledge and skills sharing.
  • Blogging is a tool for motivation
  • Blogging changes viewpoints
  • Blogging expands horizons
  • Blogging spreads like wildfire
  • Blogging is fun fun fun
  • ¬†There’s no number 10

Mr. Victorino Q. Abrugar

Website: http://businesstips.ph/

Mr. Victorino Q. Abrugar  is a Certified Public Accountant and a business consultant from the Philippines.

His topic is to guide aspiring bloggers on ensuring that their blogs will become competitive amidst the tough competition in the blogosphere.

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas

Blog : http://theteacherisblogging.blogspot.com/

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas – BS Management from Centro Escolar University as One of Five (5) outstanding Students and One of Five (5) Model Presidents while granted with full-scholarship grant and with various academic and leadership citations. Currently I’m pursuing my MBA from De La Salle University, and completed my accreditation as one of the few Certified Digital Marketers by Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP).

Aside from his professional affiliation , He is also active in The Love Yourself, Inc. , Purposeful Stewardship Institute (PSI) , Blogger Society and more , The Teacher Is Blogging (TIB).

Engineer  Grace Bondad Nicolas

   Engineer Grace Bondad- Nicolas is working as a Project Engineer for House and Building Construction-Political Blogger under Blogwatch.tv and Mulat Pinoy-Columnist under Klipping Times (a local newspaper circulating at Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon)- Philippine Information Agency IV-A Regional Media Coordinator under the Office of the President Communication Group- Human Rights Advocate

Blogsite: http://www.empoweredgrace.blogspot.com/

Her topic was Social Media in Business and Advocacy.  Her topic was based on her personal experiences on  why did she started blogging , business and social networking and promotion of her construction and interior decoration thru her blogs.

Mr. Jeoffrey Solas, Engineer Grace Nicolas and Mr. Carlos Angelo Gonzales

     The three presenter were  on hand to answer the queries of the participants before the afternoon break, the afternoon snacks  was provided by Mc Donald- Philippines.


   Atty. JJ Disini

website: http://www.disini.ph/bespin/

He presented  to the participants  that in the United States copyright  infringement law states  that fair use means that one can copy 5% or 200 words of a work, whichever is less. Internet marketing plays a vital role , securing DTI permit and other government agencies is also very   important.He cited some examples like promotion, sales, marketing and discount .

After his presentation ,  He was swarm with a lot of questions from the participants with regards to the legality and copyright issues  from photography, music, movies, posters , on-line promotions.

Nurse Alvin Cloyd Dakis

Nurse Alvin Dakis is a registered nurse  founder of  Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA), a national organization of nurse advocates. He is also a blogger & youth and is a health blogger. He had a lot of advocacy  and even gave stern warnings to those who would like to venture into health blogging. Recent events like those unscrupulous bloggers posting pictures of people inflicted with HIV and AIDS  like  patient confidentiality was already violated.

As the 8th I-BLOG summit  drew to an end, items like 8th i-Blog t shirts , USB , I-POD , refrigerator magnets , Multi-Vitamin Packs , gift certificate and among others   were raffled -off courtesy of TV channel 5, Unilab, Villar Foundation , Sulit and other sponsors and donors of the event.

group picture taken after the summit

Ms. Janette  Toral and  Mr. AXL Guinto

Ms. Janette Toral and Mr. Raymond John Naguit

group picture after the end of the summit

It was very hard to say goodbye to all those new found friends and old acquaintances , from my tour guiding buddies , travel and lifestyle bloggers.¬† I think with this year’s memorable experience and tons of information , i will surely mark the 9th i-Blog Summit in my calendar ! Kudos to all the organizers, secretariat , volunteers , sponsors and other people behind this summit !

Maraming, Maraming , Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay ang mga Filipino Bloggers !

Try to visit the 8th I-Blog Summit Day -1 Link:



i-Blog : http://iblogph.org/

Mc Donald – Philippines : http://www.mcdonalds.com.ph/

Sulit.com.ph : http://www.sulit.com.ph/

Villar Foundation : http://www.villarfoundation.org/

8th I-Blog Philippine Summit

Malcolm Building – College of Law , University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City- Philippines

entrance to the Malcolm Building

I always wanted to join the I-Blog summit ever since , However due to conflict of schedule and work load,  i had to shove -off my plans.  Last April 15, 2012 a postal heritage tour participant Ms. Bebang Siy and a couple of travel bloggers told me that there was an upcoming 8th I-Blog summit .

early registrants during first day of the summit

The author just took their reminder in passing , It would take several more weeks when i surf the internet and  saw the advertisement of the event . After checking my work schedule on May 22  , I quickly signed-up for the summit. This is it , But there were already 400 plus registered participants  and i was not able to see my name in the roster of registered participants  .

8th i-Blog stand-up poster

How can i come to the summit unregistered  ? I do not want to barge into the summit .  I tried asking around and was advice  by some  blogger friends that i should come to the I-blog summit . According to them , not everyone can come and attend despite the pre-registration efforts.

TV channel 5  Kapatid Network  and Unilab booth

    I woke -up early morning on May 25, 2012 and quickly took a jeepney ride going to the University of the Philippines .  I arrived past 6:30 am and was the first participant to arrive at the Malcolm building . About half an hour passes -by ,  Saw some personnel and event organizers  and quickly signed-up as the first participant of the summit Yeyhey ! Finally after several years , This is my first time to attend the summit .

Kasperksy Philippines booth

¬†¬†¬† There are several sponsors and donors of the event. Mc Donald -Philippines gave¬† pack meals during the first and second day of the summit, while Unilab gave away pack meals , snacks items ,¬† writing pads, raffled -off some slots in their Marathon and Multivitamin packs during the event.¬† Kaspersky Philippines¬† gave interesting ballers .TV channel 5,¬† the Kapatid network also raffled off¬† I-pod and gave away 2012 London Olympics ID strap¬† ( a commemorative item) TV channel 5 and AKSYON channel 41¬† is the country’s official free to air television channel of¬† the 30th Olympic Games .

The Villar Foundation booth showcasing their water hyacinth handicraft projects, OFWs , environmental projects, livelihood programs among others.

¬†The Villar Foundation also raffled off organic fertilizers , COMELEC also gave away voter’s registration pins and the commission was in charge of the i- BLOG registration process.

Summit – May 25 ( Day 1)

Before the opening of the summit, we were given time by the organizers to promote our blog sites, advocates , products and services .  Knowing that there are still a lot of  art, travel , lifestyle , hobby , culture and even paranormal bloggers which had not been part of the postal heritage guided tour . I quickly took the opportunity and promote the event.  After all,  the main post office building in Manila will soon be converted into a six star hotel and lease to the HK group which controls the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore .

Mr. Carlo Ople the first speaker of the summit

Mr. Carlo Ople is currently serves as the Senior  Manager for Social Media Marketing of the TV channel 5,  Kapatid network . He is  the founder and former Principal Consultant of Catalyst Interactive Marketing Inc., a digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. Prior to Catalyst, he was the Digital Marketing Manager of Friendster and Marketing Head for the Casual Games Division of Level Up Philippines.

increase online advertisement from 2008 to 2011 in the Philippines data from Nielsen

Mr. Ople showed the participants the income potential of having a blog site . companies and advertising agencies have been increasing their on-line advertising during the past 4 or 5 years.

He personally drew this visual representation on “why do people blog ” concept.

relentless passion

I must agree with the speaker that most bloggers are driven to write blogs not for monetary consideration but by sheer passion and determination.

Mr. Mark Joseph Delgado¬† –¬† his blog got nominated at the Emerging Influential Bloggers 2011, a worldwide writing project for blogs one year old and below. He¬† had also been invited to write reviews and cover events by different brands locally and internationally. Currently, the second speaker is¬† taking -up Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship classes under the instruction of Ms. Janette Toral, a leading online marketing practitioner in the Philippines.

He compared Brand Activation to the famous and ‘best selling’ book, Hunger Games, for the Best marketing tools.¬† To sum his lecture¬† 1.)¬† START with a Purpose 2. ) Connect with Identity 3. ) Choose Your Weapon 4.) Create Alliances¬† 5. ) Make Sure They Remember You


Third speaker is Mr. Jason Acidre

He is the founder and Strategist at Xight Interactive , He started playing counterstrike professionally before  he  ended up as a research writer,  blogger and then eventually became an SEO Specialist.


Fourth speaker is Mr.  Sean Patrick Si

( photo is from the website of http:// seo-hacker.org)

He studied Information and communications Technology management in DLSU. He is a blogger and writer at my blog ‚ÄúGod and you‚ÄĚ.¬† He is a¬† SEO Specialist, Web Developer and blogging coach/consultant. He is¬† a Business-minded, Chinese-blooded Filipino and a God-fearing, Bible-believing, Born-again Christian.

Website: http://seo-hacker.com/services/

I remembered three important ” things” that are needed in his¬†¬† On Site Optimization 101 lecture¬† :¬† 1.) Title Tag¬† 2.) Key Density 3. )Keyword Prominence and Proximity

Mr. Kim Tyrone Agapito

Mr. Kim Tyrone Agapito is a  SEO Professional and Lecturer; Internet Marketer; Content Strategist and Search Specialist; Creative Writer;  TV Writer and Producer. He is also an occasional hardcore Gamer, Pet Lover and Movie fanatic from University of the Philippines. He also had the opportunity of working in both ABS-CBN channel 2 and GMA channel 7 ,  Two of the largest Philippine television .

Website: http://www.kimoftheworld.com/

He ask the participants on  what is really important in blogging QUALITY or QUANTITY?  I like the way he presented  Iron man character aspects . Joining a bloging network  , social networking sites, forums and groups.

        L-R  Mr. Kim Tyrone Agapito, Mr. Jason Acidre and Mr. Sean Patrick Si

The three speakers entertained questions  from the crowd after their presentation .


representative from Unilab

A representative from the company talks about the brief history of Unilab, The social networking community mutal role in the promotion of their lifestyle events. ULAH (Unilab Active Health) stands as Unilab’s advocacy for the Filipino’s health and wellness. ULAH manifests itself concretely in its year-long program of activities highlighted by TRI UNITED, the triathlon, BIKE UNITED, the cycling event, and RUN UNITED, the running event.

He also presented the calendar of marathon in which Unilab will initiate  and organize.

To learn more about the company events and other projects : http://www.unilabactivehealth.com/aboutulah.html

The author took some time in asking the company representative  who are their beneficiaries of their fund raising activities .  He was quick to cite some communities and NGO groups.

 a lovely promotional girl  from Kopiko Philippines, the company had a sampling of free coffee , candies and warm smiles to all

The participants were given lunch packs courtesy of  Unilab , one of the major sponsor of the event.  By that time,  the first day crowd reached over 600 people !

Mr. Danilo A. Arao

Professor Danilo A. Arao is an assistant professor of the Department of Journalism at the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication(UP CMC) .

Personal blog : http://risingsun.dannyarao.com/

Professor Danny Arao

Blogging, social media and journalism: The use, misuse and abuse of freedom of expression . He also told the crowd that he was a victim of character assassination  and cyber bullying .

We Don’t Want Anarchy Right ? Showing the recent NAIA scuffle between Mon Tulfo , Claudine and Raymart Santigao

Here are some simple lessons he shared with the participants : 1. ) be level -headed to engage in a healthy debate 2. ) Be mature enough to ignore personal attacks 3.) Don’t stoop to the level of the individuals whose concept of debate is maximizing logical fallacies .

He also shared Blogger’s Code of Ethics :¬† 1. ) Be Honest and Fair 2. ) Minimized harm 3. ) Be Accountable


Mr. Tonyo Cruz

                       ( Photo from http://www.formspring.me/tonyocruz/picture )

Mr. Tonyo Cruz is a blogger and social media practitioner based in Manila. He wears many hats online and offline. He is a former reporter for Philippine English-language newspaper Malaya (Free), and served as press officer for a number of cause-oriented groups and party-list Members of Congress. He studied sociology at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. He is a graduate of the Manila Science High School.

Personal site: http://tonyocruz.com/

Asian Correspondence : http://asiancorrespondent.com/author/tonyocruz/

Social media, especially blogging, play a role in propelling advocacies and causes, whether by individuals or organizations. What the trends and tools in the arsenal of social media that have been and could be used for social change.  Recent calamities like Bagyong  Ondoy ( International name Typhoon Ketsana ) in September 2009 and  Bagyong Sendong ( International name Typhoon Washi ) last December 2011.

Help in the mobilization of much need assistance from government, private sectors and the international community .


Ms. Gellie Anne Abogado

a blogger ,  digital artist , inline skater and a video gamer

Important details of her lecture: Unwritten Blogging Etiquette

  • I shall do my research well on the subject matter before I put up my blog post online.
  • I shall not commit any act of plagiarism.
  • I shall show respect to fellow bloggers, blog readers, companies, PRs or any individual who wishes to connect with my blog.
  • I shall blog about an event I have attended if I’m invited and came as a blogger.
  • I shall give my honest thoughts on products,issues and topics I would be blogging about.
  • I shall be accountable for all the things I put up and write about in my blog.

Mr. Lloyd Salac

Fresh perspectives about the youth and their impact on the blogging community and social media. What’s next for the blogging community and social media with youth bloggers.

He cited several youth bloggers that are active in Tumbler and in other Social Networking sites  like  Mr. Melvin Tordecillas,  Mr. Alexis Lim, Ms. Regina Belmonte,  Mr. Augustine Paredes, Ms. Lissa Kahayon ,  Mr. Kimpoy Feliciano, Mr. Lance de Ocampo . A lot of them have celebrity status and have been chosen as product endorser for the youth.

Mr. James Jimenez of COMELEC

After the short break , the next speaker was Mr. James Jimenez of COMELEC, He cited the role of bloggers and social networking groups in the proper dissemination of vital information needed by the general public like the voters registration .

Since the elections of last 2004, There are some bloggers that were accredited by COMELEC to cover such election event.

Mr. Boris Joaquin

Mr. Boris F. Joaquin is a social media marketing consultant, coming alongside a handful of NGOs, foundations and corporate clients. He is also a budding social entrepreneur, finding joy in bringing together people and groups through networking and partnerships.

Website : http://borisjoaquin.com/#

Mr. Gary Zaldy De Castro

Bloggers can also help spread financial literacy, I actually like the topic of the last speaker of the day, having been a graduate of a business course.

Money is the Root of Evil ” , not true ! It is how people use¬† money for good or for worst . He also lamented how some bloggers once earning a lot of money soon became bankrupt .

He also made a citation of a Lotto winner- Mr.Dionie Reyes (DR)¬† For 3 months, winner of P14,125,032 in a Lotto 6/42 pull on Apr 22, 2008 ‚Äď lived a life of a millionaire, something he had been yearning to experience.

He lived in a P4-million residence in a posh subdivision, gathering around in a sports application automobile (SUV), and gave goodwill money, trimming P1,000 to P 850,000, to kin and friends. He also gambled daily, womanized, and went on unchanging celebration sprees.

Link : http://mb.com.ph/node/354133/lotto-winner-

After the lecture, the organizers raffled -off  items like 8th i-Blog t-shirts , Pro-Active packs among others.

L-R Mr. John Paul Suba , Mr. Lawrence Chan,  Mr. John Mamaril, Mr.Raymond  John  Naguit , Mr. Ian Albert Austria and Mr. Fritz Carpio

group picture after the first day of the event

Please visit the 8th I-Blog Summit Day 2:


Sources :

I-BLOG .Org : http://iblogph.org/

COMELEC : www.comelec.gov.ph/

Kaspersky Philippines : http://www.kaspersky.com.ph/

Kaspersky PH Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/KasperskyLabPH

The Villar Foundation : http://www.villarfoundation.org/

MC Donald- Philippines : http://www.mcdonalds.com.ph/

TV channel 5  :http://www.tv5.com.ph/

InterAksyon :http://www.interaksyon.com/interaktv/

Unilab : http://www.unilab.com.ph/consumers/

3rd MEGABRAND SALE at the World Trade Center

A Back-to-school and Mid-Year 3- day Sale will showcase leading brands, both domestic and international.

Price cuts of up to 70% discount from tag prices and up to 90 % discount in some Tech gadgets will truly make this SALE event worth going to. The sale will be held from June 1 to June 3, 2012  at Hall -D , World Trade Center  , Senator  Gil Puyat Avenue ( Buendia ) , Pasay City , Metro Manila  organized by  by MCT Events Management in Partnership with Innovision. Official bank partner RCBC Bankard

  Poster of the 3-day SALE event Рwell known international brand

Discriminating customers await big discounts in shoes, bags, gadgets, men’s and ladies’ fashion, accessories, personal care, perfumes, sporting goods, time pieces, eye-wear, housewares and appliances.

Top participating brands include Samsonite, Giordano, Luminox, Cole-Haan, Levi’s, Dockers, Hush Puppies, Hugo Boss,  Sebago, Rudy Project, Nokia, Tefal, Dowell, Moulinex, Nike Golf, Slazenger, Elle, Wenger, Skechers, Bossini, Gola, Vans, Tomato, Parker, Puma and many others.

It is expected that people who are looking for great bargain and early Christmas shoppers would surely troop at this Major, Major  Sale.  At least 10,000 people have went  to the great sale last year.

Highlights of the  Event :


Anime Alliance and Innovision Entertainment Production will stage the Pinoy Super Heroes, Batang Standout, Teen Super Model Philippines and Cosplay.

For more information about this Major, Major SALE

Please call: 643-5490/ 576-6362/ 502-1546/ 399-2935

All major credit cards are accepted. Per DTI NCR Permit # A1-0300 Series of 2012

Media Partners includes:¬† The Manila Times, Daily Mirror, Lifestyle Network , WhenIn Manila.com ,PinoyBestDeals.com,Sulit.com,88db.com, Collector’s Connection and among others….

3rd Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines 2012 Show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak , Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City , Metro Manila- Philippines.

Ms. Becky Buenaventura , Mr. David Du РExternal Vice President , Mrs. Leticia P. Ligon in orange kimona  (President ), Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe in pink  Chinese style Filipiniana  ( Treasurer ) ,  Ombudsman Conchita Carpio- Morales ( six from left ) one of the  guests of honor, Mrs. Rosie Lovely РRomulo -wife of  former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo and Mr. Bernabe

It was a cloudy and rainy afternoon when i got a chance to get invited to the exclusive opening of the¬† Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines Show¬† May 4, 2012 Friday held at the Hardin ng Bulaklak simply called HB garden or Flower garden . I was warmly met by the club’s President Mrs. Leticia P. Ligon and she also gave me a copy of their the souvenir program . This year’s theme ” It’s More Fun in Bonsai and Suiseki In Zen Gardening ” .¬† Connotes the fun and relaxation¬† in bonsai cultivation .

Ms. Victoria Camille Tulad a reporter from GMA Channel 7 and QTV channel 11 interviewed Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe and Mrs. Leticia P. Ligon

This year’s show person is Mr. Victorio De Rona Jr. He is fondly called VIC by plant and bonsai lovers .¬† The group was formed sometime in 2009 and their first show was also held at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The author was fortunate to be invited in their 3 in 1 show¬† last June 25 , 2010.¬†¬† The sudden heavy downpour of the afternoon rain did not dampen the mood of the visitors and invited guests .¬† ” They call it a blessing from the Almighty ” .

a ceremonial  gong beater dress in bagobo costume

The special guests of honor included Quezon City Mayor Herbert ” Bistek ” Bautista ,¬† Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte , ambassadors wives , diplomatic consulate , and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio -Morales whom is said to be a plant and a bonsai lover .

Mayor Herbert ” Bistek ” Bautista of Quezon City

In an opening speech prepared by the youthful Mayor Herbert Bautista ,  He warmly welcome everyone who attended the event and the need of urban green spaces such as Quezon Memorial Circle .

Mr. Herbert Bautista admiring the different kinds of natural stones on display

        I was shock also to hear from his speech that the old house of former President  Manuel L. Quezon in New Manila will be dismantled and will be re-located within the QMC to be renamed Manuel L. Quezon presidential museum . According to Mr. Bautista , The house and lot is being sold by the immediate family member who needed medical assistance .  President Manuel L. Quezon stayed in that house for several months .

L-R Professor Serapion Metilla, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio- Morales and Ms. Becky Buenaventura lightning the candle ceremony

According to the event organizers,  They had to keep a low key  on their guest of honor , since there are several threats in her life.

L-R Mr. David O. Du, Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe , Ombudsman Conchita Carpio- Morales , Mrs. Leticia P. Ligon and Ms. Becky Buenaventura appreciate the different suiseki on display

The author being well- entrenched in the horticultural community kept mum on this issue and decided to have a news black -out on the information .  I guess being an Ombudsman  does have a pit falls in going to a public events  like a bonsai  show  . It was for her safety and security that the organizers decided not to announce her as  guest of honor in their  publicity .

Professor Serapion Metilla showing his exhibit

The show attracted about 70 commercial plant stall holders selling a variety of bonsai, potteries and gardening equipments .

exhibit booth landscape by Architect Bimbo Vergara

The talented landscaper exhibitor¬† included Mr. Constancio Basis , Mr. Vicente Ferrer, Mr. Benedict Dela Cruz , Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie ” Canicula, Mr. Sonny Luna, Mr. Cliff Coloma, Mr. Jesz ” Bimbo ” Vergara , Mr. Jonathan Commendador and Mr. Jhun Llaga .

This suiseki is one of the most photographed exhibit

The natural stone above is one of  the most photographed item on exhibit , some think this is a phallic object .

a miniature bonsai

There will be daily seminar-workshops throughout the duration of the show. On May 5, 3 p.m., Professor Li Tiong Hong will conduct a bonsai workshop from 1 to 3 p.m. Then from 3 to 5 p.m. he will demonstrate Bonsai Branching Techniques.
Pemphis  acidula or locally called Bantigue won the top prize

A century-old Batigue bonsai emerged as overall winner or ” Best in Show” at the¬† Bonsai and Suiseki¬† Alliance Show and Competition .¬† The owner not only earned the top prizes and¬† but also accolades from bonsai collectors and hobbyists .

Dr. Ronnie Ramos of Cabanatuan Bonsai Society received the award for ” Best in Show ” award from Mrs. Leticia P. Ligon – President of BSAPI¬†

The bantigue tree , nurtured by Dr. Ronnie Ramos of Cabanatuan Bonsai Society in Nueva Ecija, impressed the judges with its shape, dramatic effect and presentation, including the pot used. The judges included  well-known international bonsai masters from Taiwan and Indonesia.

miniature village with small trees and plants

The other winners were: garden bonsai, Michael Santiago; penjing, Tonette Gedang; tropical bonsai, Dorie Bernabe; small bonsai, Sonny Luna; best fruiting, Dr. Alexander Rodriguez; forest, Ana de Rona; literati, Ligon; exposed roots, Charlie Miranda; windswept, Benedicta Galgana; cascade, Juan Lim; and rockgrown, Erwin Fabros.

Seminars and Workshop

Other speakers in succeeding days include  Mr. Al Villareal on Basic Bonsai; Mr. Vic de Rona on Zen Garden; Professor  Serapion Metilla on Indoor and Vertical Landscaping; DENR representative on PAWD CITES Regulations; Fernando Aurigue on Use of Gamma Rays in Plant Variety Development; Professor Serapion Metilla on Innovative Bonsai; and Mr.  Elmer Villareal on Guide on Selection and Appreciation of Suiseki. There will also be an on -the spot painting contest on May 6, 2012.

table arrangement courtesy of  Chef Velmor РPurple Dish Catering

representatives from QC parks , event organizers ,  Allied Botanical Corporation (one of the major advertiser in the souvenir program)

The author would like to thank  all the organizers , caterer ( Purple Dish Catering and Chef Velmor ) for the sumptuous meal ,  wonderful and relaxing time visiting the  bonsai and suseki alliance  opening . Until the next show !


Souvenir Program , 2012 The Bonsai & Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines Incorporated

Office of the Ombudsman  : http://www.ombudsman.gov.ph/index.php

Purple Dish Catering : http://www.purpledishcatering.com/

Ateneo de Manila Bird and Tree Walk

      Ateneo De Manila University campus , Loyola Heights , Quezon City

Last May 3, 2012 Friday ,  I met  Ms. Melanie Marfal , her niece and Mr. Anthony Arbias in a fast-food restaurant within Philcoa .  I have arrived more than 30 minutes before the appointed time.    We then hitch ride our way  to the campus of Ateneo de Manila University  for an afternoon of bird , tree , architectural and photo tour of the campus.

Group of students, professors, alumni, members of Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Incorporated and Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. Photo courtesy of  Mr. Anthony Arbias of  PNPCSI

          There are already several people at the Gonzaga parking area of the university  . According to our guide  it was on  April 11, 2011  the Ateneo Environmental Management Coalition (AEMC), Ateneo Bird Ecology Study (ABES) group , the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) have been organizing a two-hour bird walk within the sprawling campus.

members of the organization interacted with the participants of the bird and tree walk . Photo courtesy of Mr. Anthony Arbias of PNPCSI

Mr. Anthony Arbias and Dr. Rico Quimbo acted as tour guides  for tree identification around the campus

However some alumni would say that an organized tour around the campus may have started even earlier . we saw long-tailed shrikes, black-naped oriole , Eurasian tree sparrow , collared king fisher, a pair of piel fan tails , golden-bellied fly-eater,  pied triller , wood-swallows,  crested mynah flying back and forth several times to a location . All these bird species  observed along the busy acacia tree lane of Ramon Magsaysay Avenue within the  Ateneo campus.

Manila Observatory marker


The itinerary of the bird and tree walk showcases a visual delight of matched lush vegetation , architecture , disturbed areas ,  manicured lawn  ,  monuments , buildings  and even  parking spaces .

Lagerstroemia speciosa locally known as banaba 

Banaba is a flowering plant that grows in warm climate like the Philippines, India and others. Banaba is widely used in the Philippines and as herbal medicine for diabetes and is also grown for landscaping urban gardens.

Link : http://www.medicalhealthguide.com/articles/banaba.htm

statute of Saint Ignatius of Loyola 

The trail starts at the grounds of the Manila Observatory toward Seminary Road, and then to Lucas Infirmary which then segues to a narrow flight of steps that ends at the Residence Halls.

From there, the trail continues to the ‚Äúmini-forest‚ÄĚ part at the vicinity of the Church of the Gesu and finishes at the ‚ÄúWildlife Sanctuary‚ÄĚ facing the Jesuit Residence.

lowland white eye (Zosterops meyeni ) Bonaparte 1850,  an endemic bird species

The crowd slowly began to swell to more than 60  with most of the members are students, faculties , alumni of Ateneo de Manila University , Wild Bird Club of the Philippines , Philippine Science High School and Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Incorporated.

 This is one of the oldest and most beautiful building in Ateneo De Manila University campus ( Manila Observatory )

a colony of Oecophylla smaragdina locally called red weaver ants or pulang  hantik

The group saw several colonies of weaver ants  living on a mango tree close to the communication tower. The group try to avoid the ant colony for obvious reason ( to avoid the stinging bite ) .

a globular structure located near  the communication tower

communication towers also serves as a second home for birds

 Ants are among the most successful evolutionary creatures. They did not only survive millions of years as groups but have, in fact, together with bees, wasps and cockroaches reached the highest evolutionary level . The secret of this success is closely linked with their social life which has fascinated man.

Drynaria quercifolia or known as oak leaf fern, paipaimo, pakpak lawin fern

Pakpak-lawin is a large xerophyte, belonging to the fern family of  Polypodiaceae. Rhizome is creeping, stout and fleshy, with narrow, brown to blackish short-ciliate scales. Leaves are of two kinds: cup-leaves and the fertile fronds. Cup-leaves are humus gathering fronds, brown and shiny when mature, 15- 30 cm length, 5-20 cm wide. Fertile fronds are long, pinnately lobed, on stipes 20 to 30 cm long.

This fern is also used extensively for landscaping , dry flower arrangement and a source for pasdak . It some areas of the country it is known to have medicinal properties and possesses magical charm.

Link :http://stuartxchange.com/PakpakLawin.html

Phalaenopsis X intermedia a natural hybrid , Hoya species and Drynaria quercifolia

Phalaenopsis xintermedia Lindl. 1852-3 SUBGENUS Polychilos SECTION Zebrinae Pfitz 1889 a natural hybrid  of  Phalaenopsis aphrodite and  Phalaenopsis equestris

Church of Gesu

The Church of the Ges√Ļ is a landmark church within the Ateneo de Manila University campus¬†¬†.¬† Designed by¬† Mr. Jose Pedro Recio and Mr. Carmelo Casas¬†, the edifice‚Äôs massive triangular structure symbolizes the Holy Trinity¬† , as well as the three-fold mission and vision of the school.

Church of Gesu was built from 2001 to 2002 . This church is considered as a modern landmark and a major focal point in the spiritual life of   the campus

Its shape and design is also meant to suggest the outstretched arms of the Sacred Heart, and the traditional Filipino bahay kubo. The site has a total area of 10,200 square meters, and a  seating capacity of 1,000 persons.

Ges√Ļ Liturgical Committee
Church of the Ges√Ļ
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Telephone: 426-6069 or 426-6001 loc.4071 (Marife)
Fax: 426-6088 (ATTN: GES√ô Liturgical Committee)
E-mail: gesu@admu.edu.ph

Campus Ministers:
Edmark (loc. 4076)
Jerome (loc. 7154)

Rain tree of more popularly called Akasya or Acacia , this tree was introduced in the 1840’s from South America to beautify Manila’s public parks.

Notes:  At the end of the tour, The author met at least 60 people with different interest, shared our different ideas and same passion over our hobbies and interests. Bird watching is a very interesting field, you need to go out and see that in the modern urban areas, there are still wilderness areas where one can appreciate nature at its best.

¬†The author would also like to thanks Mr. Raffy Salda√Īa,¬† Mr. Adri Constantino (guide) and Ms. Trinket Canlas (guide)

We also saw at least  a dozen bird species , about a dozen native and introduced tree species, dozens of ornamental plants and an architectural heritage of the university . But according to our tour head, there were at least 50 bird species that can be found within the campus .

After the tour , we were again invited for another tour in La Vista Subdivision and stayed there for several hours and enjoyed watching the rare owl.


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