Quezon Memorial Circle Plant Center

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City – Philippines

It was in 2007 when the Agri -Aqua Network International Incorporated (AANI )group was moved from their previous location near the present day Hardin ng mga Bulaklak facing East Avenue  to PHILCOA – Commonwealth area. There were about 30 stalls which sells various agriculture supplies and agriculture produce . ANNI used to have over 100 stall holders when they are still at the East Avenue entrance.

Website: http://www.aaniphil.net/

Szhairene Jham Garden

This store is a re-seller of plants and gardening supplies which are mostly from Bulacan, Quezon area.

Purificacion Orchid and Ornamental Plant moved in 2012

Brief History

 The additional plant stalls area facing the PhilCOA area /  Department of Agrarian Reform used to be several stalls selling various kinds of merchandises from the late 1990’s until early 2000.

the author together with some plant and orchid enthusiasts invited during the soft opening in 2009

Prior to the big move by commercial plant stall tenants from Manila Seedling Bank in 2013. A portion facing DAR was allocated in 2008 and was part of the proposed Quezon Memorial Circle Plant and Pet Center .

Dendrobium Garden circa April 2009 – space used to be rented by Mr. Dennis Sy until late 2009. The area is now being rented  by Horizon Garden of Ms. Baby Alarcon

Mindanao Fruit Test circa 2009

The center is envision to rival Cartimar Pet and Garden Center in Pasay. However the initial endeavor almost failed miserably as series of unfortunate events happened – Ondoy in 2009 which inundated some of the stalls causing massive floods and killing some plants, poor water quality which cause fish kills, poor sales among plant tenants and high overhead costs. Some of the tenants were unable to pay the rents. .

Horizon Garden circa 2013

Mr. Dennis Sy,  One of the tenants of the place defaulted in the payment of the rentals and thus some of the stalls ( rented by Mr. Dennis Sy) were eventually taken-over by the Quezon Memorial Circle management. I used to consign some books, reading materials and ornamental plants in some of the stalls ( that is ‘why’ i know most of the tenants until 2010).  Some of the tenants were not able to pay me the consignments items , so i decided to pull-out all the items and relocated them somewhere in Metro Manila.

Blooms and Greens

There was a Thai inspired plant stall located a few meters away . Which used to sell a lot of orchids and ornamental plants. But when i visited the place, they are selling few plants and almost no flowering orchids. I just wonder what happened to the nicely landscaped plant stall.

Dels’ Garden

When most of the plant , orchid , cactus , agriculture, pet and fish shows were held within Quezon Memorial Circle in 2011 . The area gradually pick -up sales from the visitors .

Kings Garden

( This commercial space used to be rented by a pet and koi store until early 2010 )

Additional plant stalls were added mid-2012 as rumors of the eventual closure of the Manila Seedling Bank and the need for more greenness within the area. Some plant stall owners got 2 to 5 stalls. They decided to get some stalls because the space is small compared to their former location.

Evergreen Garden

Evergreen Garden specializes in ornamental plants, orchids, plastic pots , gardening tools . The proprietor had a farm in Batangas

King Louis Ornamental Farm

There were additional 20 to 30 stalls currently being constructed in the adjacent area. They are expecting more tenants to relocate within the circle .

Hoobee Packing Corporation Agriculture Division

(63 02) 533-4770; 533-4773 to 75

Ms. Ressie Paz Navarro plant and pet store

Simply called RPN stall. This store specializes in native orchids and ornamental plants, They also sell cats and some pets.

Dendrobium anosmum and Dendrobium cucullatum aka sanggumay

mango seedling stall

Monina’s Garden

Overall, this place is being groomed by the Quezon Cityhall as the next plant hub after the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation closure. Currently they are adding more commercial stalls to accommodate more tenants .

68 Responses

  1. anung pinaka mababang price nyo dyan..i’m just interested …

  2. hello po meron po bang mga herbs sa circle??salamat po

  3. Hello. Do you know kung may nagbebenta sakanila ng root systems ng camote, mais, saka mayana plant?

  4. Meron po bang pinsaray plant

  5. I am from la union and is planning to visit and buy plants. Is the entrance to the stalls fronting qc hall?

  6. Meron po bang seedlings ng Palosapis, Dagang o Apitong po dito? Thank you po! 🙂

  7. hi what time usually nag-oopen un mga sellers? thanks

  8. nagbebenta din po ba sila ng mga seeds po specifically wheatgrass? tsaka ask ko lang din po may alam po ba kayo kung saan po pwede bumili ng microgreen seeds?

  9. hi, nagbebenta ba sila ng mga floating plants for ponds? like frogbit, duckweed or dwarf water lettuce? ang tagal ko na kasi naghahanap ng ganun and hindi ko alam kung san ako makakabili and how much kaya kung meron?
    please reponse 🙂

  10. hi! would you konw po ba closing time nila?pasyalan ko san after office, thanks

  11. I would like to add that , Forest Trees and other fruit bearing trees may be purchased in the following places
    Bureau of Plant Industry – They have branch in Quezon City near Department of Agriculture ( Visayas Avenue) , San Andres Bukid in Manila.
    website: http://bpi.da.gov.ph/

    Another place to find forest trees is DENR-NCR compound along North Avenue near Philippine Sugar Regulatory Administration .
    Centris Sunday Market – There are some fruits trees that are available .

    Note: Try to contact them first on the availability of the seeds and other plants, not all plants / trees are available.

  12. ask ko lang po kung maynagtitinda ng black pebbles sa quezon city circle.magkano kaya per sak saka hanggang anong oras sila open sa sunday afternoon?

  13. good morning i just want to know kung may nag bebenta ng dama de noche sa mga stalls thanks

  14. ask ko lang po if there are bonsai plants or bonsai materials na binebenta

  15. I’m looking for a compost bin, planning to do home-composting. Do you have suggestion where I can find this? Meron ba dito sa QC Circle? Thank you.

    • Thanks for visiting this BLOG. You can DIY compost using plastic containers or tin

      NO. 57 Mo. Ignacia Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
      near St. Mary’s College & Capitol Medical Center

  16. Punta ako dito hehe 🙂

  17. hi! where to buy red jade vine in metro manila?

  18. Hi meron ba silang ivy leaf morning glory or kamokamotihan? And open ba sila on weekends?

    • I am not sure if they are available. There are permanent stalls located within the QC Circle

  19. Hi Meron po ba silang lubi-lubi and niog-niogan?

    • I have not seen them selling, But they are common in Bicol peninsula and other places growing wild

  20. Hi I am looking for comfrey plant saang stall meron don, any idea?

  21. Hi. May I know the hours of operation?

    • Thanks for visiting this blog , Most of the plant stalls located within Qc circle are open everyday from 8:00am until past 5:00pm

  22. May kataka-taka plant ba na binebenta dito sa QC Circle?

  23. may “kaya-an” at “timbangan” ba binebenta dito?

  24. meron po ba silang “Madre de Agua” at Azolla” at “Duckweed” tagal ko na kasing naghahanap e.. tnx po.

  25. Meron po ba silang Sampaguita na binebenta doon?

  26. Hello, I used to go to manila seedling a lot till they closed down. Where is the entrance nearest the plant stalls at Quezon City memorial?

  27. Please i would like to go to the orchid show but not sure if the entrance will be on east side or west side.tnx

    • Thanks for visiting this blogsite. Orchid and some plant shows are held at Hardin ng mga Bulaklak near East Avenue gate entrance. If you are interested in other plants , There is an entrance near the Philippine Coconut Authority – You have to pay parking fees

  28. Hello po. Available po ba sa inyo yung laurel (Plumbago rosea)?

  29. Good Day, Thanks for visiting this site , Andre – Please try to check for the availability of the Plumbago rosea , sometimes they are commonly sold , sometimes they are out of stock .

    The best way to acquire them is to pre-order them . You may also try Centris Sunday market , Farmers , Mindanao Garden Center etc..

  30. Advisory : The author does not own plant stalls inside the QC Memorial Circle . Availability of some seedlings and ornamental plants are subject to demand and supply . Thesis Writing students , please pay them a visit – I am not an extension office of these plant stalls . When we did our thesis writing in business , we have to personally go to the concerned government agencies or private individuals .

  31. Hi rence,

    Would you know if kampupots (sampaguita) are commonly sold there? Been searching for them online but cannot find a seller. Thanks!

  32. may tinda po bang basil, bay leaf at mint plant dyan sa quezon ccity circle?

  33. Meron po ba may tinda strawberry plant and grape plant dyan? ty

  34. hello meron kayong binebentang serpentina at damong maria herbal plants.

  35. Goodevening. May I ask kung meron kayong binebentang money plant? Epipremnum aureum.

  36. Regards po sa orchids, magkano po ung ung price? Salamt po

  37. Hi saan po kaya pwde makabili ng Stevia Plant?

  38. Try to visit Qc Circle or Centris ( Centris Sunday Market ) in QC area. Sometimes some stalls would have stevia plant, sometimes they are out of stock.

  39. saan po ba ako makabibili ng stevia plant?

    • Please try to visit one of the stalls located . I have seen some plants being sold at the plant section- yesterday

  40. san po me for sale na grafted lansones of seedling po

  41. […] puzzle grass. This is found in many parts of the world. Commonly sold in Mindanao Garden Center , Quezon Memorial Plant Center,Farmer’s- Araneta Plant Center, Tabang, Guiguinto and in many areas all over the […]

  42. […] Garden, Tabang-Guiguinto plant stalls, Araneta Farmers Garden, Mindanao Avenue Garden Center, Quezon City Memorial Circle, Cedarhills Garden Center in Mother Ignacia Avenue,White Plains, Cartimar Plant Center, Neopolitan […]

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