Jon Pettyjohn Pottery

Jon Petty john Pottery

This pottery factory is unique in Laguna,  Southern Luzon.  It’s creative designs and award winning potteries earned its distinction worldwide as being innovative and modern design . Jon Petty lives and works together with his wife (artist potter Tessy ).

He has spent many years in the Philippines experimenting with, learning about and sometimes teaching pottery.

short demonstration of pottery making

According to Mr. Petty , they have been working for over 35 years, concentrating on the traditional Asian techniques of high fire stoneware and porcelain, with the use of many Philippine indigenous raw materials, such as volcanic ash and local clays.

Jon is of Filipino -American descent. He has learned his craft in Barcelona, Spain, where he started out as an apprentice at a small studio. His work is almost “one of a kind” or extremely limited editions. Jon makes traditional functional pottery.

Mr. Petty john has had numerous one man shows and participated in trade fairs  like Manila International F.A.M.E , as well taking part in exhibits and workshops in Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan  and the United States. He is also the President and founding member of The Putik Association of Philippine Potters.

Each vase sold on is individually handmade and signed by Mr. Pettyjohn.

home gallery with hand-made vases

His two story house had an interesting gallery where his unique works of arts are displayed and sold.  Some of the items are his personal collection . Wide verandas and window characterized his home which is adapted to the tropical weather. High ceilings allows air circulation to come inside his home.

Some of the materials used in his pottery are imported from other countries. He explained that there are different types of clays found in the country. Some are ideal for ceramics  while some are used for their natural colors.

He gladly shown the tour group his own version of a kiln and a large dragon kiln which is used for firing his clay.

workshop with kiln for firing clay

A short demonstration followed and he accommodated the tour group.

Petty johns expressed that they are not able to receive walk-in visitors at their home . Appointments must be made prior hand  , However in the case of our group , a special arrangement was made !  Thus, navigational data is not provided for this way-point. He is very wary of designers who copy his designs and then mass produced them at a lower price . Most of his unique one of a kind potteries and other wares are available at Level 3 , Glorietta IV , Makati City.

Their workshop had in interesting garden with a lot of native orchids, begonias, ferns , ginger plants and large trees.


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  1. John Pettyjohn

    From 1981 until a few years ago I often worked and lived in the Philippines. Most of the time I stayed in Tala QC, Cardinal Ceramics, maybe you remember me and my wife Hanne. Please if possible give me your e-mail address.

    Niels Refsgaard
    Fasanvej 3
    4243 Rude

    Kind regards


  2. Dear Mr. Pettyjohn,
    It’s been too many years since I bought my last piece of your creations. I used to visit your store where your lovely Mother welcomed me everytime, when the store was located in the Makati area. After I changed jobs in the late 80’s I didn’t frequent Makati as often and thus lost contact with you and your beautiful creat

    Do you have a retail store in the Metro Manila area where I can take a look at, and possibly purchase, some pieces to add to my collection, or use for dining, as I’m still using your square plates I purchased some 15 ++years ago. I would love to go visit your Laguna studios. How does one get an invitation for a visit? A reply to this letter is kindly requested.

    I send you my best wishes for a Happy Thansgiving, and the coming Holidays. I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you.
    With best wishes always, God bless,

    JOSÉLITO L. ERAÑA [cell no. 0920.962.5673] email:

  3. Hi do still have the workshop in Glorieta 4, I have been looking for it nad cant find it and the phone number is not working.

  4. Dear John, I’m glad to read my letter of two years ago when I was already looking for you or your metro manila outlet. I would very much want to see your latest works and if possible purchase one or two for use in my new residence. I hope this note can be favored with a reply. Please give my best to your dear Mother who was always very nice to me when you had your showroom in Mile Long(?) in Makati. I hope to hear from you.
    With best wishes, JOSÉLITO L. ERAÑA

    10 august 2012, San Juan City, MM

    • GOOD PM, BTW this is not the blog of Mr. John . Thanks for visiting . When we last visited his farm and workshop in Laguna , he told us that he still have some of his works in Makati .

      • 10 august 2012, friday
        To renz15:
        Thank you for the info on John Pettyjohn. I’m sorry if my letter to him caused any inconvenience. My apologies.
        Joselito L. Eraña

      • There is nothing to worry , Mr. John is still very active in the industry. If you are finding him , i am more than willing to give you his address in Laguna

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