Jollitown Kiddie Meal Blocks

Jollibee the country’s leading fast food chain had release new sets of Jollitown kiddie meal -Lego Blocks.


5 piece Jollitown blocks meal set toys ( Shangri-La Mall price)

These includes Popo, Twirlie, Jollibee, Hetty and Mr. Yum


Jollitown Block kiddie meal toys

One can interchange each character or even buy additional characters to form a small town.

We bought several Jollitown Block kiddie meal set in different branches. The one in Shangri-La Mall EDSA offers Yumburger without softdrink at Php 84, SM North Edsa offers Yumburger without softdrink at Php 88 while Jollibee- Kingspoint, Novaliches offers the Yumburger without softdrink at Php 80.

We bought 3 complete sets of these toys. The only downturn for these toys, is it seems that they are smaller.  If one is planning to play these kiddie meal toys, One must try to supervise children below 7 years since they can choke at these characters. Plus the Yumburger seems to have reduce in size.

Do not forget to visit your favorite Jollibee stores.

Note: the author is not connected with the company. Express views and opinion are based on the 3 sets of toys bought in 3 different locations.

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